He gives you a keg filled with RuneScape

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He gives you a keg filled with RuneScape

Posted By wang rui     March 19, 2021    


At the corner of the screen, it says'New Game in 15 minutes. Take all 6 Arrow bundles. Then leave through old school runescape gold the doorway, and into the western door. Inside there, speak to this Archer Mage, and ask if there's a teleport spell with this tower. Now teleport to Varrock and speak with Lowe, the archery store clerk. Ask him about the Flaming Arrows Contest. He says the archers there are the bast fire archers in Gielingor, and he says there's a way to cheat you win.

He gives you a keg filled with liguid nitrogen (nitrogen (l) is revealed if you place your mause on it). Now use your opponents' arrows onto the nitrogen to get steel arrows (f) Right click on the Teleport tablet and select the'split' option to teleport to the second floor of the Archer Tower. Now go back in the living room and use the frozen arrows onto the arow shelves. Ensure that you have your ice hockey gloves on before you do that.

If Peter says GO, use your yew logs with the firepit in front of you, then apply your tinderbox with it. Now use your arrows with the flame to get 100 fire arrows. Click on the fire to get them back. If you don't have the ice gloves , you will take 8 damage. Now attack to target from supporting the firepit. After approx 1 minute 30 seconds, a message appears in your chat box:

The nitrogen has melted from your opponents arrows. Now your competitors can compete. You ought to have roughly 60 arrows left though, because you fire quicker than normal in here, and that means you should win. When you win, speak to Peter in the next room to claim your prize: a Golden Arrow. Now Return to the Rangers Guild and speak to the Aror Salesman. He will congratulate you. Willing to enter the Tower and use the teleport spell (requires 31 magic and one legislation rune, 2 fire runes and also an air rune) Ability to make fire arrows. To earn fire arrows, light a flame and use any kind of arrows with it.

Monk robe top and bottom. Zamrock robe bottom and top. Runes for super heat thing. 1 Knife, 1 molten glass, 1 of each elemental rune and 5 cosmics. Head to the prayer guild, speak to some monk there. Ask him what is wrong and he'll state a rare occurence is happening in the stars, a message from saradomin. Ask him where it can be seen from and he'll state a high point in the south west, as south west it is possible to proceed, the only way to locate the saradomin celebrity. Ask him if you can go together and the will request that you talk to buy RS gold the abbot who's at the clock tower.