I feel relaxed and happy to return to nature

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I feel relaxed and happy to return to nature

Posted By zhangina gao     March 21, 2019    


Spray cooling equipment is a new show of cooling equipment in China in recent years. In short, spray cooling equipment workers.

The working principle is to use high-pressure pump to atomize water to form water mist, so as to achieve the purposes of humidification, temperature reduction and dust reduction.

In China, the large number of applications of spray cooling equipment still originate from the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo. In recent years. With the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of living environment, spray cooling equipment has also been more and more widely used.

To understand the spray cooling equipment, one must first know what spray cooling is, which is also the working principle of the spray cooling equipment.

The so-called spray cooling is based on the principle that water regulates the natural climate and adopts the method of vaporization cooling. through droplets atomized under a certain pressure disperse in the air, and the water mist absorbs a large amount of heat in the vaporization process, thus thereby achieving the function of fast cooling. At the same time, it exchanges heat and moisture with the flowing air, and the water mist particles absorb the heat of the air. Quantity, vaporization and evaporation increase the humidity of the air to realize humidification treatment of the air.

At the same time can remove empty. Air impurities accelerate air flow, neutralize excess positive ions in the air, increase the content of negative ions in the air, make the air fresh and pleasant and greatly create and improve people's working and living environment.

Artificial fog can generate a large number of energetic negative ions, effectively improving the human activity environment, and can not only be viewed from a distance, experience the mystery of the looming, can place oneself in the vast sea of fog, breathing moist fresh air, like a dream. The magic is like a fairy mirror. It is wonderful. The sunlight reflects off it and conjures up colorful and charming landscapes. It makes people truly experience the return to self-determination. However, the scenery is relaxed and happy, reflecting the concept of " the scenery is made by man and is natural".

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