Waven - Dofus Cube | Note 11: The Musics - Dofus
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Waven - Dofus Cube | Note 11: The Musics - Dofus

Posted By Hélodie Jaqucline     March 22, 2019    


Today's note is concerning music. Our friend Pitch started some tests and despite his reluctance to listen (I had to destroy his wrist for getting them) we continue to have some sounds. On this occasion I asked him to write down me a remember that:
Pitch: "The music of DOFUS Cube is founded on a writing that may be in line while using Ankamian MMOs, that may be to say very orchestral. The wish is additionally to change the colour a little also to "renovate" the form to have something more cinematographic. After all, since DOFUS CUBE was chronologically placed after Wakfu, it seemed needed that there be described as a musical evolution going in conjunction with the graphic proposal in the game. For the minute, we began on 5 main themes, each aligned for the 5 great nations with the Worlds of 12 (Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Astrub and Amakna). Each nation should have its own themes and orchestrations linked, naturally, using its characteristics:
Bonta could be the nation of "good", a nation where loyalty, honesty and bravery hold a vital place. We chosen the moment for very solemn, majestic colors. Thus we may have women's choruses for lightness, lyrical flight of strings, brass for that epic appearance and also a cello Solo
Neologism generally speaking about a player or class of character playing alone, as well as succeeding in defeating an adversary without the help of his fellow soldiers. Some character courses are known for their 'solo' abilities (rogue classes, most on the time - see Rogue - by incorporating spellcasters).
"> solo for that majestic side.
Composition 1 Composition 2
Brakmar being the nation from the swindler and also the point of fall of brigands of all types, we chose men's choirs in order to possess a dark rendering. The staccatos of ropes have the ability to represent the strength along with the "barbarism" of that inhabitants. The orchestral hits punctuate the theme in order that the player isn't really quiet during these countries. The brass stand could be the highlight on the main theme with the serious, metallic and epic side. Note that there's a nod to WAKFU S1 inside orchestration.
Composition 3 Composition 4
Sufokia may be the nation on the seas, we sought so it can gain a more crystalline side with aspects of sound synthesis. There is a very Avatar side on the Children's Chur plus the Duduk reinforces the exotic side on this nation. Au fait, si vous êtes intéressé par l'achat de kamas Dofus bon marché, restez à l'écoute pour en savoir plus sur https://www.igamegold.com/Dofus-Kamas