Top Value for Money Cars of 2018 in USA
    • Last updated July 17, 2018
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  • Top Value for Money Cars of 2018 in USA
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Top Value for Money Cars of 2018 in USA

Posted By admin     July 17, 2018    


If we give it a little thought, probably it’s not too tough to select a car that you will love. All you have to do is to admire the lines or to carefully listen to the heartbeat of the engine and you will find yourself getting lost in the world of automobiles. You will be driving down the road with oodles of pride and a sinking bank balance. You might love your choice but does your choice love you back? You will find below a compilation by the experts at MyWorldGo of the best cars that are worth every penny you spend on them.

Kia Sorento

You might think of it as bargain basement SUV with a restrictive interior. But this low priced SUV offers a smooth sail on the roads just like its luxurious counterparts. The interior is loaded with updated tech features and enough space for the passengers. It has a lowest starting price for any three rows SUV. Kia Sorento is a complete family hauler that you will surely keep around even after your kids have grown up.

Toyota Avalon

While buying the Toyota Avalon you might have to pay extra for those silky smooth leather seats but these leather finished seats makes your car a class apart. The car has a spacious cabin ensuring those long drives to be full of pleasure. The V6 engine of the car holds a very good fuel economy which controls your running costs keeping it to the minimum. The brand is synonymous to reliability hence the repairs will be as few as possible.

Audi A3

Audi A3 has an unbeatable performance record. The price tag of this car makes it one of the most affordable luxury cars to be owned and flaunted. The interior design and the specs are similar to any Audi car. In a longer run this is a highly affordable car in the market. In the next five years, you will spend much less on it for maintenance than any other sedan.

Ford Edge

Fort Edge is known for its comfortable and quite rides that makes you forgot of being in an SUV. This car comes with the latest technological features and ample space for the passengers. It is a brilliant choice also because of the lowest ownership costs when compared with other viable options in the same category. MyWorldGo recommends this beauty for your garage.

Toyota Camry

If you are ignoring Toyota Camry then we can safely tag it as a mistake that you should avoid. If you want to maximise the long-term value of your vehicle then give this a serious thought. It comes with standard safety features and an excellent performance track record. You get the latest tech features installed in the car for a joyous ride. You will have to pay more than the class average while buying this beauty but you can cover up all the expenses while driving this car for the years to come.

Lexus RX 350

Lexus RX 350 has bagged multiple awards and it is not too difficult to fathom the reason. It is priced lowest in its class and ranks the highest on reliability ratings for the consumer. It is a value for money option. It gives you a cabin with soothing aesthetics, top quality product material, and space for the passengers. It is definitely not a sport SUV but a reliable companion for day to day commute and those long weekend trips.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is another family hauler that made to the list. At first, it might sound like any other small sized SUV but this car is giving them all a tough competition. The car boasts of a practical cabin and comfortable daily performance. The small size of the car helps you in manoeuvring it easily on the suffocating streets with a breeze. The car will keep you smiling mile after mile with its low ownership cost and easy maintenance.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey will make you burn with envy when you look at the features they have installed in the cars to pamper the kids of this generation. Your kids will love this car because of the wi-fi hotspot options and an entertainment system with a massive screen at the rear seats. But you will adore this car because of its peppy six-cylinder engine, plenty of cargo space and flexible seating configurations for a comfortable ride. If you want to make everyone happy then buy Honda Odyssey, it keeps kids, family and the bank balance smiling.

The list of the top-rated automobiles is ever going. If you want to buy the car of your dream you need to understand your needs and buy a car that matches your requirement with an affordable price tag. With an ever dynamic automobile world you can never limit your options to just one. Therefore, to keep you updated keep checking MyWorldGo for more such articles.


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