400w Led Flood Light Fault Handling Advice

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400w Led Flood Light Fault Handling Advice

Posted By beta Cpc     April 18, 2019    


During the use of 400w Led Flood light , photons generated by radiation recombination are simply lost when they are emitted outward. There are three main aspects to loss:

1. The shortcomings of the internal structure of the chip and the absorption of the data, the reflection of the photon at the exit interface due to the difference in refractive index;

2. The total reflection is lost because the incident angle is greater than the critical angle of total reflection;

3. After masking a layer of a relatively high refractive index layer on the surface of the chip, it is useful to reduce the loss of photons at the interface and improve the light extraction rate.

Therefore, it is required to have high light transmittance, high refractive index, good thermal stability, good fluidity, and easy spraying, and it is required to improve the reliability of the LED package, which has low hygroscopicity, low stress and aging resistance. And generally white LEDs also need the blue light emitted by the chip to illuminate the phosphor to form the luminescence, and the phosphor needs to participate in the color mixing in the encapsulant, so the stimulating power and the conversion power of the phosphor are the key to high luminous efficiency.