Take care to protect your ligaments when riding

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Take care to protect your ligaments when riding

Posted By hang yi     March 22, 2021    


Cycling is like running, swimming, playing basketball, and aerobics. It can accelerate breathing and is a healthy aerobic exercise. In the spare time after work stops, or on weekends and holidays, riding your beloved mountain or road bike to travel by bicycle is a pleasure to exercise and relieve work pressure. It is important to choose a bicycle that matches you.

When pedaling during riding, we mainly rely on the strength of our legs to cross the slope and control the speed. Our ligaments also work under different levels when we repeatedly go uphill and downhill. If you are a novice cyclist or an older cyclist, you should pay attention to lowering the flat rate when the specific strength is weak, because the stronger pedaling flat rate may bring Sports injuries that are most likely to cause ligament damage.

Ligament injury is also the most common sports injury for athletes in many different sports. Ligaments are mainly the tissue that connects two bones. It is a bendable, fibrous dense connective tissue. It is attached to the movable part of the bone but limits its range of movement to avoid injury. When the human body is in a weight-bearing activity or changing body position, muscles, ligaments, fascia, synovium, etc. are involved. When joints twist or muscles contract suddenly, a small number of fibers may be broken and small joints may move slightly, causing strains.

Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacture CO., LTD. reminds you that during exercise, you must protect yourself and exercise safely and correctly. As professional city bicycle manufacturers, we can choose the most suitable bicycle for you. If you want to buy a bicycle, please contact us.