The Gao-zhan Garden Hose ideal for residential and light commercial users

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The Gao-zhan Garden Hose ideal for residential and light commercial users

Posted By zhangina gao     Apr 25    


The Gao-zhan Garden Hose’s unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this flexible and “unkinkable” garden hose. It is the high quality expandable hose.

The double helix construction also allows The Gao-zhan Garden Hose to be 35%-50% lighter than the average garden hose. The hose is weather resistant and remains completely flexible at temperatures from -20°F to 158°F. Its unique construction provides, abrasion, chemical, and crush resistance all while retaining superior durability.

Unlike other garden hoses, the heavy duty brass fittings are internally expanded to provide “full flow”. The internal expansion also locks the fittings into a ribbed ferrule that “grips” the outer helical. Using the internal expansion along with the ribbed ferrule provides the best resistance against end pull-offs and leaks.

All of these features make The Gao-zhan Garden Hose ideal for residential and light commercial users. The hose is as suited for washing your car, RV, or boat as it is for wash-down use in industrial plants, horse barns, and landscape applications.

Customer Reviews:

The hose absolutely appears to be in brand new condition and has already outlived the "LIFE TIME" hoses we would constantly purchased at the local big box builder supply store. I was so impressed that I ordered another for my home use, fully intending to install it on my dock, but when my wife found out how light it was, it got commendeered for patio use watering her countless plants and orchids. Great job !!!"

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