Ring Joint Gaskets Have Many Features

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Ring Joint Gaskets Have Many Features

Posted By xinjia shaoxing     March 23, 2021    


  Advantages of ring joint gaskets

  Ring joint gaskets have many characteristics. First, they allow for incompletely matched surface fits. Again, they are very effective. When properly installed, they can seal objects to resist various destructive forces such as heat, pressure, impact, and even EMI. Third, the gasket is soft, extensible, and easy to place. The gasket is efficient and does not require auxiliary mechanisms. Fourth, the gaskets are very cheap, and Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory can quickly produce them. Finally, the gasket provides a valuable service for improving the safety of the system.


  Washers are fairly self-sufficient hardware. However, they usually come with a sealing solution accessory and a rubber protector or wax solution.


  The installation of the gasket is very simple. Let's take a look at the steps.

  1. Clean the mating surfaces so that they do not contain water, oil, dirt, and other substances. This ensures that the sealing quality will not be affected.

  2. Lay the mating surface flat and prepare for sealing.

  3. Optional: Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the mating surface. For this reason, we recommend using pressure-sensitive adhesive.

  4. Place the gasket on the mating surface

  5. If adhesive is to be applied, continue to do so until the mating surface is sealed with the gasket. If you are not using adhesives, please skip this step and proceed to the next step.

  6. Attach the gasket to the other mating surface.

  7. If you have used it, please let the adhesive stand and dry. If not, you can tighten the washer with a wrench to compress it evenly

  To ensure that the correct steps are taken for a specific application, please make sure to consult the Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturer before installation.