What can be the effective treatment to relieve shoulder pain?

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What can be the effective treatment to relieve shoulder pain?

Posted By Harold Mehta     April 3, 2021    


Treatment of the shoulder can be recommended for several different areas. Generally, it involves medication, rest cortisone injections, or physical therapy. All these methods help ease the shoulder pain when they are performed in combination.  You can call a shoulder pain specialist New Jersey to know the best treatment option. 


Shoulder pain will occur from a microtrauma or a repetitive activity performed over an extended amount of your time that slowly affects the tendons within the shoulder till they get inflamed. Such a condition may occur due to a fall onto the shoulder or onto the outstretched arm. Despite the cause of shoulder pain, the treatment is usually the same from case to case with some individual variations. You can discuss with your shoulder pain doctor NJ to determine the correct treatment.


Sometimes when you visit the shoulder pain doctor New Jersey with a shoulder pain complaint, they may prescribe you some medications to relieve the pain. When a person has responsibilities and occupations to be done necessarily, it becomes difficult to get rest in the shoulder pain. 

Injections can be recommended for shoulder pain depending on an individual’s medical history philosophy. Sometimes doctors recommend physical therapy before the recommendation of the injection as effective physical therapy can help alleviate shoulder pain and you need not have to consider injections. 


Physical therapy treatment can consist of the following engagements:


  1. Therapeutic exercises: 


It will comprise a variety of motion and strengthening exercises. The basic goal is to maximize and restore if there is any loss of range of motion. It helps improve the complete tolerance of the shoulder blade and shoulder muscles and to improve the power of these muscles. 



Proper strength of the shoulder blade muscles is equally important as having strong rotator cuff muscles. The combination of these two groups will surely work together to restore normal mechanisms and prevent further damage. You can consult about the exercises with a shoulder pain specialist NJ 


  1. Manual therapy:


This treatment will include some motion exercises done by a physical therapist on you. These exercises will consist of joint mobilization, a technique designed to improve joint mobility, or soft tissue massage, a technique that helps improve the muscle and connective tissue flexibility to relieve pain.  


  1. Modalities:


It may comprise the usage of machines along with the above-mentioned treatments. The therapist may apply the machines to your painful shoulders to relieve shoulder pain. The machines used in this treatment may include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENSFree.  


All of these methods can be used in the therapy of a painful shoulder. It is usual in clinical practice to use a combination of these methods. If the condition is severe, the doctor may recommend shoulder surgery in New Jersey. There are mainly eight types of shoulder surgeries recommended depending on the situation of your shoulder.

Before going through a surgery ask about its pros and cons and the results as it is important to manage the outcomes of it according to your expectations.

Article Source : https://vip-medical-group.blogspot.com/2021/04/what-can-be-effective-treatment-to.html