How Could We Deal with the Hazards of Aluminum Winding Wire?

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How Could We Deal with the Hazards of Aluminum Winding Wire?

Posted By yuu xin     April 9, 2021    


If you're relatively certain that your home has residential aluminum winding wire, don't panic. Unless you see your electrical outlet smoking, or you've noticed the signs of other overheating problems, there's plenty of time to start fixing the issue.

There are some misconceptions in the marketplace that aluminum wiring isn't permitted - but this isn't true. The only difference is that home insurance companies might ask you to get a certificate from an electrical authority so that you can insure your home.

Of course, since aluminum is known for being a fire-starter, there's a good chance you'll want to get it out of your home as quickly as possible. The average home has more than 200 connections, and each connection is a potential fire hazard when aluminum is present. If you have residential aluminum wiring in your home, then you'll need to watch out for a range of signs that might indicate the emergence of a hidden problem, including:
Static in equipment like televisions, radios, and computers.
Constantly tripping fuses or breakers.
Sparks or smoke when you connect electrical devices in the home.
Electrical outlet smoking.
Electrical outlets and switches becoming discolored or warm.
Lights flicker off and on without apparent reason.

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