How to Breastfeed your Twins without Pain and Inconvenience?
    • Last updated April 14, 2021
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How to Breastfeed your Twins without Pain and Inconvenience?

Posted By Steve Hicks     April 14, 2021    


Feeding two babies at the same time is a big challenge for parents of twins. After all, you need to balance the two little bodies also yourself. However, breastfeeding will provide many benefits for you and your twins. Breastfeeding is important for the proper growth of your newborn twins. Understanding how to get started breastfeeding the twins? What tips do you need to keep in mind when giving breastfeeding to twins?


Tips of twin breastfeeding


Here are some breastfeeding tips:


  1. Use a soft, comfortable Twin Breastfeeding Pillow


When you feed your baby, make sure you’ve chosen a comfortable twin breastfeeding pillow and a relaxing environment. A relaxed pillow will make breastfeeding easier for you and your baby. Choosing the right pillow with the right position is also important to avoid back pain. Keep your baby and yourself comfortable.


  1. Alternate breast


Switch both breasts to each baby at each feeding and alternating the breast the feeding is important. Your babies may have different styles of feeding so they can optimize the different levels of milk optimization. Or switching or alternating breastfeeding is a good option. For this, you can assign the baby to one breast for a day and then switch the next day or give each baby a different breast at each feeding.



  1. Make your latches connects with the twins properly


Make sure your latches are connected properly with the twins. Your baby not only sucks more milk from the nipple and areola, but also to the areas around it with lips flanged out like the flower. It also benefits a mother to avoid nipple soreness. Get the signs when your twins feel hungry, and feed them on demand. Sucking breast for the twins is also a way to be close to his mother. Your newborn baby twins may have problems when sucking so set and connect the latches with your baby.



  1. Find the right feeding position for the twins


Understanding the position of breastfeeding for both babies, you may hold them in the football or the cradle holds. When you have twin babies it is needed to know about the different positions of breastfeeding. So that their heads get the support. You may find your and your child’s comfortable positions and feed them.


  1. Keep your nipple moisturized


If your nipples are sore and cracked, then using a moisturizer to the nipple helps them stay moist. A clean and moisturized nipple can also give the relief of your pain when sucking and also helpful for the baby too easily. Nipple care is essentially important when breastfeeding.


If you feel you have a problem and struggle at the first of breastfeeding, correct latching, milk let-downs, or just not sure that your baby gets enough milk or not, do not hesitate to ask the experts. Meet the pediatrician or a lactation consultant to provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the whole process and your babies' feed more.


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