We Tell Definition of Food Machine Production Line Process

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We Tell Definition of Food Machine Production Line Process

Posted By Gold Eagle     April 15, 2021    


If you need to produce a perfect tin can (metal can), you must understand the complete process and production steps of the metal can.

The production process of food machine production line includes: slitting, welding, coating, drying, can body making (square forming/expanding/beading, etc.) flanging, sealing (top/bottom), leak tester, etc.

Yixin technology can provide you with the most perfect can production line solutions, with the most powerful technical team and the most professional production team to bring you the most perfect can production line.

Slitting machine
Slitting is also known as clipping, the purpose of which is to finish the printing and coating of the whole sheet (including a number of can body) according to the specified size requirements cut into a seperate single can body, in order to meet the production needs of the next resistance welding process.

Shear equipment types: semi-automatic shear machine, one-way feed shear machine, vertical and horizontal two-way shear machine.

Welding machine
Cutted can body automatic billet placed all over body forming in the bore a slab of the resistance welding machine, the vacuum feeder line will be sent one by one to the feeding roller, monolithic slab through the feed roller to the deflection roller bending processing, then roll into the forming device into cylindrical body, body is fed into the resistance welding machine, after the accurate positioning for resistance welding.

Coating Machine
This coating equipment has two options: spray coating and roller coating. It is mainly used for coating inside and outside of chemical cans and food cans to prevent rust from contacting air at welds.

Can sealing machine
The sealing process is completed on the can sealing machine. The body and bottom of the cans are sealed mainly by double seaming.
Can sealing machine is automatic sealing machines with 4/6/8 can sealing roller. It consists of a can sealing machine, a set of automatic lid feeding device and conveyor. Controlled by servo motor, touch panel HMI. Clamping running with ball screw drive, high positioning accuracy.Simple and reasonable structure, easy to operate and adjust.

Leak detection machine
The main function of this machine is to test the sealing performance of the cans. The leak detector mainly uses the clean compressed gas to directly or indirectly inflate to the cans (take out air), and analyzes the internal or external gas changes of the product, so as to judge whether the product’s air tightness (seal performance) can reach the expected effect or not.

Every one of these procedures is imperative in guaranteeing that the final product that is made is ideally great. However, there are quality control measures involved amid the entire tin can making line or process. We are here to help you in building tin can making machine production line for start-up companies. We are ready to guide you in expanding your current tin can plant. We are focused on giving help before, during and after the sale. We ensure that all your queries and concerns merit a sped up reply. Our objective is to assist you in purchasing the fore-front tin can making machine at unbeatable prices with the shortest delivery time.

We wholesale Food Can Making Machine and welcome to your come.