Why Do I Prefer Vegan Pro to Other Protein Powders?

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Why Do I Prefer Vegan Pro to Other Protein Powders?

Posted By RAW Nutritional     April 19, 2021    


After trying many brands on the market, discover why @larecetteparfaite chose RAW Nutritional three years ago and how she is still in love with our Vegan Pro.

~ Affordable price????

Knowing that some protein powders can be really expensive, we offer pretty reasonable prices. Plus, we have two bag sizes to fit any budget: 454g (15 servings) 29.99$ or 908g (30 servings) 49.99$. You can even get individual sample pouches!

~ Easily digested ????

Our organic & natural formula doesn’t create intestinal discomfort. NO bloating! That’s why her partner also consumes our Vegan Pro.

~ No aftertaste ????

Forget about your past experiences; our product has NO grainy or weird aftertaste. Satisfaction guaranteed!

~ Varied flavors ✨

We offer six delicious flavors: Maple Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee-Wafers, Butterscotch, Cookies N’ Cream & Very Berry. There is one to please every taste, and you won’t get tired of them!

~ Vegan (and soy & gluten-free) ????

The Vegan Pro doesn’t contain dairy, soy, gluten, lactose, wheat, artificial flavors, nor colorants. YES, finally a perfect protein powder for those with food intolerances or allergies!

~ Perfect texture ????

Your smoothies will be creamy and smooth. Your smoothie bowls will have the right consistency. We’re telling you: it’s truly PERFECT.

~ Little extra ????

It can be consumed in a thousand ways in your everyday cooking. Go and find out our Recipes section. Stay tuned for her fantastic Iced Cappuccino recipe coming next week!
What are you waiting for? You MUST try it!
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Find her complete blog here: www.rawnutritional.com.