Earn OSRS Gold With These Combat Approaches

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Earn OSRS Gold With These Combat Approaches

Posted By Sky blueDR     May 3, 2021    


Playing Old School Runescape is a lot more complicated than just racking up RuneScape Gold and creating your way through dungeons. Primarily, you will want to be making certain you are making the most of your abilities, especially your combat skills. Luckily, there are ways for you to level up your battle in a reasonable time. You can do this, using cows in the farmhouse near Lumbridge. Since these will be the first stages of levelling up, you'll observe that it goes up fairly fast, and you may use the feathers and raw chicken that are dropped by cows to assist you better your cooking skill. This ought to help you hit level 10, after that you can go on to the Lumbridge Swamp to undertake the Gaint Rights located close to the graveyard.

For to level 30, you will now need to shift attention to level 9 NPCs known as Al-Kharid warriors. These will require preparation before facing, so take a while with you when possible. Their defenses imply that this is a perfectly feasible way that you make your way to level 30. It may even be an AFK way of leveling up too as much time as you have enough food with you.

For another 40 levels, I would recommend that you focus on Hill Giants. The reason that these can take you so far is a result of the quantity of XP which it is possible to achieve every hour. Not only that, but their falls are worth lots of OSRS gold. You can reach this area as soon as you have purchased a brass key from the Grand Exchange. Once you've the key, go to the various area and enter a little house to get started. With that in mind, you'll have to prepare yourself for food and potions before going diving in. This is known as the Pit of Pestilence, where you will reach an space in which you can return and forth, therefore you will have the ability to level up nicely here.

There are a number of viable ways for you to reach level 99 combat level. Here, you will come across the Ogress Warriors, which will require some preparations. You'll notice that these enemies are going to be able to take care of themselves out of a defensive perspective, but in addition they have a decent attack for one to contend with. So needless to say, be certain you are well prepared to manage them. The approaches found above are extremely successful when it comes to leveling up your combat. It may be a small drag and a grind for one to take advantage of, but they are more than worthwhile at the end if leveling combat is something which you are seeking to achieve.

You will notice that these methods are good for Best OSRS Gold site earning goldso you won't need to look to buy OSRS gold when it was something you were considering. A lot of these methods may even lead one to market OSRS gold if you do end up with it in excess. Let us know in the comments section below!