How to Write an Effective Essay Conclusion?

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How to Write an Effective Essay Conclusion?

Posted By David Walker     May 3, 2021    


The ghost writer offers valuable assistance when you are unable to select an intriguing essay topic or provide a good write-up. In fact, they start the essay on a good note and end it well with an impressive conclusion. You ruin the initial impression your teacher had while going through the essay if you do not end it with a good conclusion. 
Thus, in this blog, we will take a look at the points you need to consider for writing a good conclusion. 
What is the Conclusion All About?
Your conclusion should be precise and consist of the following points. Usually, it has to be rounded off within a paragraph. And you should include:
1. A brief summary of the essay (key points)
2. The thesis statement
3. A rhetorical question 
4. Literature Gap/ Future Scope of Research
Apart from the above-mentioned points, you might also incorporate a call for some sort of action, an effective solution to get past an issue, or a warning. However, the insertion of the points depends on the type of essay topics you are writing. Barring a few points, you have to include almost all the aspects.

However, if you are not sure what the above-mentioned points signify, you can always hire an online essay typerNow, let us check out the aspects you need to avoid while writing the conclusion. 

Suppose your topic is about the impact of technology, your essay conclusion should be:
As you can see, technology has had both positive and negative impacts. The usage of the Internet, AI, and IoT should be limited, only at workplaces, educational purposes, healthcare industries, oscola referencing, etc. The issue of the overuse of technology among young adults needs to be addressed, and steps should be taken to prevent hacking and other illegal activities. 
What Should You Not Incorporate in the Conclusion?
While writing the essay, make sure you do not provide these points in the conclusion. Do not:
1. End with a modified thesis statement.
2. Introduce a new angle or subtopic.
3. Apologize for stating your views on the subject matter.
4. Conclude with only a sentence highlighting the final point.
If you avoid these, your conclusion will look extremely refined. However, if you are unable to understand, do not hesitate in availing the exploratory essay help services of a ghostwriter.