How To Prepare Yourself For Sclerotherapy

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How To Prepare Yourself For Sclerotherapy

Posted By Adrian Willson     May 5, 2021    


Bothered with how your legs look like? Wishing to get rid of the varicose and spider veins and got to know about the sclerotherapy and wishing to know more than this article can help you so much:


Sclerotherapy has been considered the best vein treatment New Jersey. This treatment involves injecting the solution at the given area without any concern, resulting in a reaction that will shut the veins and slowly get out of your sight. After the shutting of veins, blood will reroute to healthier veins and those veins will be absorbed by the body. The only side effects of the vein treatment are having bruising which goes after some days.  



Injection Procedure

The entire method could last for 15 minutes to 60 min, based upon the condition of your leg if that’s severe then it might take longer. 


Prior to supporting the therapy, patients should not take the medications like tetracycline or Minocin as this can be harmful and could worsen the side effects, in the case when the medicine is absolutely important talk to the doctor. The effect of these pills might interfere with the sclerosing liquid and prevent or optimal outcomes when taken


Tylenol can be taken in the event when you are dealing with additional pain and you are not sure how to handle this. This is not an anti-inflammatory medicine so it will not tame down the potency of the treatment given. If you are currently any kind of medicine make sure you discuss it at the vein center NJ at least prior to the 15 days when you wish to take the treatment.



Side Effects

Typical side effects carried about by this treatment could be burning sensations, bruising, and lumps at the concerned area. Most of these side effects get mitigated within the period of 14-20 days. On the precautionary side, avoid activities like swimming and gyming.


Serious after-effects that can actually hurt you are very rare. Potential difficulties may include allergic responses, ulceration, and deep vein syndrome. Allergic effects are brought about by the sclerosing clarification that was practiced. Ulcerations may give a scar but they will not stay for long. Deep vein thrombosis is very few and can happen in the least cases.


Patients can resume their normal activities after the treatment. They are encouraged to walk and wear support or compression wraps on the treated areas. During this time, vigorous activities such as weight lifting and aerobics classes should be avoided. Even if something happens then you consult vein clinic NJ.


Before you take the sclerotherapy, make sure that you discuss it with the doctor each and everything. Your doctor might suggest that it would be more suitable for you to undergo other procedures that suit your condition. Note that spider vein is a cosmetic problem and it can take the form of something serious. There are some clinics, that accepts the flexible payments that it won’t drain your pocket.

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