Whether To Choose Telescopic Pole Saw

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Whether To Choose Telescopic Pole Saw

Posted By tee ouu     May 11, 2021    


If you have a garden or green backyard, cutting dry branches, branches and bushes throughout the year is a necessary thing. There are a variety of tools to choose from, but in the end, the choice boils down to the following two tools: wire saw or chain saw. Some gardeners call the pole saw an electric saw on a stick. However, when you choose between the two options in the store, these tools have many common and different features.Like power grass trimmer , telescopic pole saw also has a reason to be needed

Final thoughts
Main features of pole saw
Many people think that a pipe saw is just a chainsaw on a stick. But this is not true. A pole saw is a tool with a retractable pole used for felling trees. It consists of an engine, a long drive rod and a saw similar to a chainsaw, but slightly shorter. Thanks to this design, gardeners can choose it when they need to cut dry branches to keep the tall trees pruned without using a ladder.

Comparison of chainsaw and chainsaw

Of course, since trees are scarce in the backyard, there is no need to pay more for special tools-a regular chain saw or even a manual wire saw is sufficient. However, even in a small garden, a hand-held chainsaw can speed up your work and can handle all tasks related to shrub pruning.

Check the main functions of the standard bar saw:

1. Affordability
Inexpensive pole saws with motors are simple and affordable. The more expensive instruments are equipped with gasoline engines designed for permanent operation. The higher the price, the higher the functionality and productivity of these tools.

Of course, an important advantage of a chainsaw with a low-power electric motor is lower price, reduced waste and maintenance time, quiet operation and no pollution or emissions.

However, the electric pole saw depends on the power grid. This type of instrument requires an extension cord, so it cannot be compared with gasoline models. Battery-based models can help you get rid of wires, but they are also expensive.

If all options are expensive for you, consider a chainsaw that can be rented in most cities and towns.

2. Parameters for cutting canopy

If you need a multi-function tool to trim hedges and tree crowns, then it is best to buy a model with a length of 13 to 20 inches.

The headphone chain saw for pole saws is similar to electric saws-the standard pitch for households is 0.325, and the standard pitch for professional models is 0.404 (the larger the pitch, the higher the chain performance of the pole).

3. Basic technical parameters

If the tool is equipped with a keyless chain tensioning system, it can be adjusted quickly before use. Moreover, according to many professional gardeners, it is much more convenient to work with a pruning saw with a telescopic rod. Choose an instrument with automatic chain lubrication-no need to manually stop and lubricate the rod.

Which is better, chainsaw vs. chainsaw?

The gardener recommends choosing a tool consisting of a 12-inch chain saw head and a retractable aluminum rod. Make sure the length of the pole is adjustable between 8 and 14 feet. Experts recommend choosing a bar saw with a maximum vertical range of 20 feet. That would be the best bar saw.

telescopic pole saw vs. Chain Saw: Advantages of Pole Saw Cutting Machines
Ignite quickly. After plugging in the power source, the chainsaw can be used immediately, which improves efficiency and productivity.
Quiet work. For users who appreciate comfort at work, a chainsaw is an ideal choice. Such tools can make you work long hours without fatigue;
Since there is no waste gas and oil, the pruning saw is a very environmentally friendly tool;
Easy to operate. Therefore, this is an ideal tool for retirees, women and people with low physical fitness.
They are very efficient. The design feature of the tool is that the direct drive can provide high torque, thus making the machine as efficient as possible. In addition, the electric motor in the electric model is located near the cutting part, which greatly increases the power;

Main features of chainsaw
The work of the chain saw is attributed to the internal combustion engine, which is connected to the chain with sharp blades. Simple mechanism improves reliability.