Taking into ESO Blades Gold consideration

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Taking into ESO Blades Gold consideration

Posted By Rsking dom     May 26, 2019    


Taking into ESO Blades Gold consideration the speed that torso appear up and that it only take 5 seconds to start a wooden torso it should just take like five minutes to open a silver chest and 15 for gold. Epic chest 30 minutes and mythical 1 hour. This is just if they want to maintain this chest system moving. If they wish to maintain the same time limits on the chest they should have separate timers. The Elder Scrolls Blades is becoming way too simplistic and easy, and with each sequel or spinoff less and less of an RPG and much more of a low hazard simulator.

They will need to decrease the timer and provide items from the silver chest. The pay walls are real if you don't spend any money you'll have 3-4 skull difficulty 80-90% of the time for the majority of assignments. Progress should never be barred behind a pay wall although I understand they will need to create cash. Because the harm Bethesda did there has forever tarnished their reputation, hopefully they learned from Fallout 76. I'm not going to get my hopes up for The Elder Scrolls Blades and will take everything Bethesda claims with a grain of salt.While that the paywall does suck, it has not stopped me at all from progressing in The Elder Scrolls Blades, level 6 town with no money invested, I got to a point to where I learned to have more wooden crates in my chest slots, rather than silver gold etc. because once you open a wooden in game it only cost 1 gem, so once you do it on the fly or when you know you are gonna get a chest that's far better than wooden, simply open the wooden right before the torso is picked up so that you are able to buy ESOM Gold receive it and not need to give it up, keep playin guy.