HOW TO CELEBRATE 18th birthday?

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HOW TO CELEBRATE 18th birthday?

Posted By Anil Kumar     May 15, 2021    


It must be admitted, organizing a birthday remains a difficult undertaking during which a lot of energy is spent. It's time to focus on all the ideas that cross our minds and the ones that are suggested to us. And when it comes to throwing a birthday party for 18, the tension is sky high! And we understand this well because it is always delicate to prepare a party that involves teenagers and young adults. However, don't panic as you can master everything with ideas and advice specially designed for a birthday for 18 years.

At the age of 18 you pass the exam to have a driving license, the school adventure takes place almost at the end and you are finally of age! You feel free to start a new life with ups and downs, accompanied by moments of madness with the usual friends. What's the good news? It's the perfect time to party and kick off a long string of parties! And it is here that VegaooParty, with its super team, fits in to be able to give many useful tips on the subject of " party "!

Which decoration to choose for an 18 years birthday?

The birthday decoration must be well prepared in advance for the final result to be exceptional! A bit like for the birthday of 15 years, choosing a birthday theme for 18 years is a great challenge ... Among the colors, materials, and decorative elements to decide, all the essential decorations for a birthday begin to blend for the head. The most complicated thing? Find something young people like!

We all wait for our 18th birthday, we keep on checking how old am I, finally, you are about to 18, so just plan your birthday to make it most memorable of all time,

While it is true that it is often tempting to create a DIY decoration for the age of 18, in reality, you will be able to find everything you like and need on VegaooParty. You can sparkle by selecting one of the 18-year-old girl themes, which include several matching decorations. We love trendy colors for girls like blush pink, to combine with gold or other pastel colors. Mint and peach colors also lead to spectacular results at a birthday party. These are colors suitable for both a more or less young audience, but very trendy!


When it comes to boys, what's better than an 18-year-old birthday decoration that focuses on a particular theme? Football lovers can opt for the coordinated table with the print of their favorite team or in black and white with the classic soccer ball. Those who follow the fashions assiduously will prefer a more natural decoration with kraft or hessian, while those who dream of the holidays will opt for a tropical decoration that always makes a super effect. 

Which animation to choose for an 18-year-old?

Young people have fun with little, especially when they are in good company. If they are not with their mobile phones in hand to exchange messages, they chat happily about cinema or complicated loves ... In short, about everything that is part of their daily life. To add some sparkle to the party, start preparing fun activities and games for the 18th birthday party that no one will easily forget!

The photobooth is the fashion of the moment and is perfect for taking many incredible photos and posting them on social networks. Of course, choose all the accessories according to the theme of the party, so that they can go well with your decoration for 18 years. Organize everything in a corner of the room to create the ideal place for this extraordinary and fun photo session, which will leave all the guests full of pleasant memories.

Another option is beer pong! It is perfectly fine for an 18-year-old party where the use of alcohol (always in moderation, of course) is authorized since the age of majority has been reached. Alternatively, beer pong or prosecco pong can also be made with soft drinks without any problems.

Where can you celebrate 18 years?

The 18th birthday party is one of the most important events, so you have to carefully choose the location for the party, a super room where you can invite all your friends. Let's talk about a place to decorate as you wish with magnificent decorations for 18 years. It will be enough to inquire about the methods and prices to rent a party room well in advance to be able to notify friends and prepare everything necessary with due calm.

You must select the best suitable and enjoyable place for everyone, that would compel every invited person to join the party instead of wishing birthday by sharing birthday wishes on WhatsApp.

If the weather is nice and the sun is shining, it would be good to organize a mega picnic in the garden, or in a park where everyone can move freely. You will need to find out if anyone has a campaign available or if there are any public parks where parties are allowed. Obviously, you have to ask if it is possible to bring food and drinks, have a barbecue, rather than put on music. The goal is not to disturb anyone and to act in the highest civilization.

For those who want to be pampered a little, a day to spend in a Spa would be the best, to kick off the new life as an adult in a Zen way. Guys will definitely prefer something more lively!

Finally, to be able to celebrate your 18 birthday and spend a good time with your loved ones, family, or friends, why not opt ​​for a good restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner and toast to the future years?

Advice for parents ...

Your child has grown up and accepted it is not that easy. However, be careful not to overdo it for her 18th birthday party. It is right to take a look during the party to keep everything under control, but you have to do it discreetly, without getting in the way of the boys ... Better to avoid putting yourself too much in the center of attention with extravagant dances or tell everyone about your childhood. grown-up child. All this is VIE-TA-TO!

To play the role of cool parents, you have to make sure that the evening goes well by providing everything you need to make them have fun and feel at ease: decorations, table coordinated for the buffet, a super DJ or a top playlist, and many delicacies to munch on. Prepare small aperitifs, colorful cocktails, and a beautiful birthday cake! Ah right: what did you think about doing for the birthday cake? VegaooParty offers super customizable sugar discs. With the photo of the birthday boy and placed on a magnificent and greedy cake, your birthday cake is the top!

A surprise birthday for his 18 years!

If you want her to have a truly unforgettable moment for her 18 years (the age of majority is to be celebrated with all the trimmings), why not organize a surprise party? If you know your child, you can easily secretly contact his friends by phone or on social networks. 

Once you've made sure all your friends are available, think about what to organize. You could have a fun surprise day with your friends with activities they enjoy like shopping or other sporting activities. And if you are looking for something original, there is always the laser game or the paintball.

Obviously, the day will have to end with a flourish with a great evening and a beautiful fiesta!

Another surprising idea for the 18-year-old can be a pool party if the weather permits: if you have a pool, the matter is very easy; alternatively, you can rent a room with a swimming pool or inquire about public pools that offer this type of service by reservation.

But if you choose to organize a surprise party, what can you come up with for the birthday boy who claims his party? Simple! You can always say that for the moment there is a family party and the big party with friends is only postponed for a while, in order to find the right location. If the excuse is well-conceived, there is a better chance that he will not understand anything and that this surprise will truly leave him speechless!