Classification Of Hollow Hex Plug

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Classification Of Hollow Hex Plug

Posted By shunda guanfa     May 18, 2021    


Hollow Hex Plug is a plug with an outer hexagon. It is mostly used in the processing of nuts and mechanical parts. The cross-section of Hollow Hex Plug is an outer hexagonal plug. There are welded special-shaped tubes and seamless special-shaped tubes.

1. Scope of application

Compared with round pipes, hexagonal pipes generally have larger moments of inertia and section modulus and have great bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce structural weight and save steel.

Hexagonal tubes are divided into carbon steel hexagonal tubes, hexagonal oxygen blowing tubes, and stainless steel hexagonal tubes according to different processes and materials.

2. Product Classification

The heterogeneous pipes are generally distinguished according to the cross-section and the overall shape. They can generally be divided into oval-shaped steel pipes, triangular-shaped steel pipes, hexagonal-shaped steel pipes, diamond-shaped steel pipes, stainless steel patterned pipes, stainless steel U-shaped steel pipes, and D-shaped steel pipes. Pipes, stainless steel elbows, S-shaped pipe elbows, octagonal-shaped steel pipes, semi-circular shaped steel rounds, unequal side hexagonal-shaped steel pipes, five-petal plum-shaped steel pipes, double convex-shaped steel pipes, double concave-shaped steel Stainless steel water trap, melon seed shaped special-shaped steel pipe, conical-shaped special-shaped steel pipe, corrugated special-shaped steel pipe, etc.

Hollow Hex Plug is used in connection with Banjo Elbow . Next time I will share the relevant knowledge of Banjo Elbow with you.