6 reasons not to neglect your LinkedIn Company Page

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6 reasons not to neglect your LinkedIn Company Page

Posted By Anil Kumar     May 18, 2021    



1. A sloppy LinkedIn Company Page = bad impression

The first reason is pretty obvious. How many times have you started following a YouTube channel, a website, or a blog and got bored by the lack of consistency in the publication of content or by the poor appearance they presented?

A company page where you have only published four posts, each spaced 3 months apart, gives the feeling of being unprofessional. Those who see your page on LinkedIn may think: "If you have your company page like this, what will your product look like then?" This partnership is done faster than we imagine, and it can take away from us the opportunity to attract many clients. 

And I'll give you one more reason: according to LinkedIn Business, full company pages have up to 30% more weekly visits. 

2. LinkedIn is a search engine not only for clients but also for… talent

In the end, for always talking about LinkedIn as a business generator, we forget that it is also and, mainly, a connector of employees and contractors.  

If you have a company page created and you want to search for talent, through your company page you will be able to offer these vacancies.

You will be interested in people being talented, but you will have a better chance that those people will follow your company and be attentive to your latest news, only if you publish and are present.

So they may want to work with you rather than your competition. 

3. It will help you build a community 

As more information becomes available, LinkedIn members choose more selectively where they look for their information.

 If you publish on your company page on LinkedIn with some consistency, you will appear earlier both on LinkedIn and in search engines and they will find you more easily. Of course, those people who can count on you to give them the information they need will end up being loyal to you. 

So be sure to regularly share news related to your industry, knowledge, and interesting content for your potential customers. 

Try using some modern fancy custom fonts, it really gets attention and increases the engagement rate, you must use a fancy font generator, it creates custom fonts for LinkedIn. 

4. The content you publish on your company page will appear on LinkedIn and also in search engines

Your company page will appear among the first on LinkedIn, but we already know that the main search engine par excellence is Google, so those who search for words related to your sector will do so there, and then you will also appear.

Of course, you will appear if your brand has a lot of followers and uses the keywords. Then it will rank among the top results. This could be a customer magnet.

But followers and keywords are only achieved by taking care of your company page on LinkedIn, your brand, and your service with messages that support your products, with CONTENT, in short, that you have to publish frequently. 

5. The company page on LinkedIn is the ideal place to publish your products ... and more

The company page is a better place than the professional profile to talk purely about features and products. 

Your professional profile can be used in a higher percentage to publish benefits, customer fears, how to solve their problems, etc., and your company page is more focused to publish characteristics, events, associations ...  

If metaphors serve you, we could say that the company page is the offices and the employee profile is the people who work in those offices. 

LinkedIn is offering you, and for free, an exclusive space for your company where you can share all this content. The opportunity to position yourself well and get known by millions of users. It is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other companies since only 0.6% of people use LinkedIn to publish content. Take advantage of it! 

6. Statistics

On your company page, you can access statistics about who your contacts are. You will be able to see where they come from (location), in which sector they work, their level of experience, the size of the company ... We can also see the number of followers and visitors (in a differentiated way) among other data. 

You can export that data into an excel page and this will help you draw conclusions, shape the market and, consequently, know how to better define your content. 

See in this image the statistics of my company page on LinkedIn, for example, which sector my followers come from (captured in January 2021):