Everything You Need to Know About MSME Registration for Your Business

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Everything You Need to Know About MSME Registration for Your Business

Posted By Vignesh K     May 20, 2021    


In MSME Registration in Electronic city If you people are planning to start a business soon in any time, you have many more surprises in this world and these surprises Mostly good ones. You are facing upon a great opportunity time in your life. But there are just a few more things you need to obey with in order to unseal your full potential. There is one such thing that the government makes a mandatory for a new business is the MSME registration.


As we have many enthusiastic entrepreneurs and businessmen starting out om their own ventures, it is important that they are informed in well advanced of compulsory registrations like the MSME registration. And to make simple for the future business owners with applicable and necessary information, we will undertake the issues that are situating around the MSME registrations. From the fundamentals to the modern, we will looking broad for the step by step at MSME registrations.


Let’s dive right in.


What is MSME?

MSME is an abbreviation for micro small and medium enterprises. The MSME classification is mainly based on the interest rate limit for that enterprise and the equipment or machinery in use by it. For a manufacturing sector, the investment conditions for each of these is as follows:


Micro- <Rs. 10 lakhs

Small- <Rs. 2 Cr

Medium- <Rs. 5 Cr 

This MSME Registration Certificate in Electronic city these above are the limits to set on each of these categories for the business. Any business that starts out as before micro, small or medium that has the huge burden of growth with the extra burden of not going beyond these limits as that they will have the benefits that can be availed by them in null and void. Therefore, many sectors leaders have been leading in protest and demanded a more vigorous classification that explains in growth and scalability.


Due to this demand, under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (ABA), recently the government has made some important changes in the scheme.


The changes have brought about have set in place a composite scheme where annual turnover of the business and investment (or SME) both are taken into consideration to classify businesses as MSME.


What is an MSME Certificate?

After the successful MSME registration, applicants are registered and allotted an MSME certificate. This serves as a proof of registration. And this certificate is a valid document that are accepted to avail any concessions, schemes and authorization.


If anyone applicant is trying to register more than one MSMEs, they must have to face a separate legal registration for each enterprise. And for each of these will have separate MSME certificate that will be issued.


What businesses are classified under the MSME scheme?

IN consultant for MSME registration For every industry, the government has prepared categorization to classified businesses as micro, small or medium. Currently, the classification is based on:


Manufacturing Enterprises

Enterprises Rendering Services

The revised notification that has come to functioning in the Gazette of India, June 1, 2020 that omits the existing definition as published in the same on the 29th September 2006, roughly as follows:



Industry: Plant and Machinery or Equipment


A business that are under the above-specified industry will be in the view of a micro-enterprise if it does not be more than 1 crore rupees in investment and the annual turnover does not go beyond Rs 5 crore rupees.

Small Enterprise


Industry: Plant and Machinery or Equipment


A business that are under the above-specified industry will be categorized as a small enterprise if it does go beyond 10 crore rupees in investment and the annual turnover should be more than RS 50 crore rupees.

Medium Enterprise


Industry: Plant and Machinery or Equipment


A business that are under the above-specified industry will be classified as a medium enterprise if it should not go beyond 50 crore rupees in investment and the annual turnover should not be more than 250 crore rupees.

To simplify, the classification stands as follows for Plant, Machinery or Equipment:


Micro: Investment<Rs. 1 lakh & Annual Turnover<Rs.50 Cr

Small: Investment<Rs. 10 Crore & Annual Turnover<Rs. 50 Cr

Medium: Investment<Rs. 50 Cr & Annual Turnover<Rs. 250 Cr

How to Apply for MSME REGISTRATION in Electronic City?


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