The magical evolutionary process of each pok\u00e9mon.

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The magical evolutionary process of each pokémon.

Posted By Larissa li     May 26, 2021    


This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon's debut. Pokemon has been updated and upgraded many times. In each generation of games, fans will have their favorites. Although the 2021 celebration will be full of surprises and is called Pokemon25, players can capture ordinary Pokemon from the game in a different way. Funko Inc. created Pokemon Figures dating back to 2018 and is still in circulation for players to acquire and collect.

Funko was recognized for creating a stylized version of the character for players to consider and collect. Since the first record, vinyl characters have become popular, and a large number of characters imitating popular culture have been produced. The website will provide players with high-quality services, including Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. There are many options for Pokemon's popular vinyl, and more are expected this year. All prices reported are from the Funko app and popular price guides. And may vary according to needs and availability.

Pikachu can even be said to be the most famous Pokémon to date, and he can even put his or her profile picture balloon in the department store. This electric Pokémon is not far from Ash Ketchum, the protagonist in the Pokémon animation. Pikachu offers 9 different body variants. The original Pikachu Funko Pop was released in 2018. It is an exclusive product of Target and is currently valued at $11.

A 10-inch Pikachu pop with two different variants was also released. The regular version released in 2018 is an exclusive product of Target and is currently valued at a special value of $55. Pokemon25 will be launched for the second time in 2021. Similar to the silver and metal Target, the price is $38. The reality is so hot, players in the game are also keen on Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. Pikachu even offers a larger Funko Pop with a height of 18 inches, which was launched in 2020 and is worth $70.

Other Pikachu Funko Pops include a song like they are waving happily, which arrived on the scene in 2019 and is currently worth $13. The other Pikachu pop looks very angry as if they are standing there with the ability to strike with lightning power. This figure was launched in 2020 and is valued at $9. This angry Pikachu Funko Pop also comes with a flocking version, which is exclusive to Comic-Con in New York, priced at $42, or the Fall Convention version, priced at $22.