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Suggestions Shared by Elevator Manufacturers

Posted By elevators fuji     August 2, 2018    


Elevator Manufacturers - Fujihd share precautions for using escalators!

Be careful and do not fool around while on the escalator. When you or your children are on the escalator, you should not push each other around nor should you attempt to jump down the escalator. This is because, unlike a staircase, the escalator is moving and will cause you to lose your balance if you move around too much. Falling down the escalator can be a very painful incident as the typical escalator are made with metal grooves and can easily cut your flesh.

Putting your fingers or your bare toes against the escalator floor plates is one of those stupidest things that humans have done. The quick movement of the escalator will easily pull your fingers or toes in between two of their plates and then leave you screaming in pain after severing your fingers or toes. Always keep your body at least 5 cm away from the edge of the escalator which is moving so that there is no chance that we get caught by the escalator.

Try not to wear clothing that flow onto the floor. Long scarf or dresses that touches the ground are a hazard while riding the escalator. The material can be easily clipped by the escalator while it turns and will drag you in. This can cause serious injuries if the clothing cannot be taken off immediately. There are many cases of children or women whom have their hands or feet caught by the escalator due to their clothing being entangled by the escalator. Be mindful of yourself and watch the small children as their clothes are often nearer to the ground than adults.

Similar to an automobile, you should not be drinking alcohol before riding an escalator. It sounds funny but you have a higher tendency to fall down an escalator when you are inebriated and so having alcohol in your system is seldom a good idea. And sitting down on an escalator is definitely not a good idea if you are thinking of keeping your weight low to the ground as your clothes will likely get caught in the escalator.

Finally, it is also important to choose a reliable Escalator Manufacturer.