What are the reasons for the high temperature of the origami machine?

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What are the reasons for the high temperature of the origami machine?

Posted By rong hua     June 1, 2021    


When the paper folding machine is in operation, the temperature rises, which not only shortens the service life, but also causes a fire in severe cases. If the temperature of the motor is too high, please stop running immediately. Today, let's take a look at what will cause the temperature of the paper folding machine to increase.

1. The load is too large. If the mechanical belt is too tight and the shaft is not flexible, it may cause long-term overload operation of the packaging machine motor. At this time, it is clear that the mechanical maintenance personnel should loosen the conveyor belt to disassemble and inspect the mechanical equipment, and try to adjust the load so that the motor runs under the rated load.

2. The working environment is bad. If the motor of the vacuum packaging machine is exposed to the sun, the ambient temperature exceeds 40°C or the operation is in a poorly ventilated environment, the temperature of the motor will rise too high. A simple pergola can be used to shade or use a blower or fan to remove oil and dust from the air duct of the motor itself to change the cooling conditions.

3. The quality of the motor is not good.

The friction between the rotor and the stator core causes continuous metal impact sound, which may cause excessive local temperature rise. Check with heart to find out the cause of the fault and eliminate it.

4. Take the motor of the axial flow fan. If the fan rotates in the opposite direction, it will also cause the motor to overheat.

5. The transmission device fails (friction or jamming), causing the motor to generate heat due to overcurrent, and even making the motor stuck and not rotating, causing the motor temperature to rise sharply, and the winding is quickly burned out.

6. Due to the change of winding parameters of the rewinding motor, the motor will generate heat during trial operation. The three-phase no-load current of the motor can be measured. If it is greater than the rated value, it indicates that the number of turns is insufficient, and the number of turns should be increased.

7. The external wiring is wrong, and the connected motor is wrongly connected to the Y connection. Although it can be started and run with load, a slightly larger load current will exceed the rated current and cause heating; if the Y-connection motor is mistakenly connected to a delta connection, the rated current can be exceeded and cannot be operated when there is no load.

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