Best ISO 9001 Certification in Lagos

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Best ISO 9001 Certification in Lagos

Posted By Finecert Solutions     June 1, 2021    



Did you know that the Lagos port is responsible for processing 80% of goods in the entire region of Nigeria, even though Lagos is home to only about 10% of the total Nigeria population?

The economy in Lagos is widely spread. The major manufacturing industries involve electronics equipment, automobile assembly, food and beverage, metal works, paints, and soap. Textile, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and even fishing industries are blooming as well.

Lagos alone contributes to 14,862,111 population. All this population and economy lead to a lot of competition in the business world of Lagos. ISO 9001 Certification in Lagos can help these organizations stand out in the cut-throat global market while improving the overall business performance of the certified organization.


ISO 9001 in Lagos

ISO 9001 in Lagos is the international standard set by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) that deals with a Quality Management System (QMS). This standard ensures that all the products and services of an organization are of top-most quality and meet the client requirements.



ISO 9001 Certification in Lagos

ISO certification is the seal of approval from an external certification body that a company complies with internationally recognized ISO standards. ISO 9001 Certification in Lagos follows the seven quality management principles of ISO 9001 that serve as proof of trust of a company. 

ISO Certification in Lagos applies to any organization irrespective of its size and the field of activity. Over a million companies and organizations in over 170 countries have already obtained ISO 9001 Certification.


Quality Management System (QMS) Principles

There are seven quality management principles.


· Customer focus

The Quality Management System (QMS) primarily focuses on meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

· Leadership

Leadership will assign the responsibilities for ensuring that all the business processes are delivering their required outputs.


· Engagement of people

The engagement of workers is encouraged throughout the organization to enhance their capability to create and deliver the best products and services.


· Process approach

All the processes in the business will function as a coherent system.


· Improvement

Precautions to make sure that the organization is improving continually.


· Evidence-based decision making

All the decisions are based on analysis and evaluation of data to help obtain the desired result.


· Relationship management

Maintain a continuous and productive relationship with all the business partners and service providers to have constant success.


The QMS principles don't just help your products and services stand out in the global market but also form a groundwork for good business practice, irrespective of industry or division. Following them will ensure that your overall business process is well-organized and efficient.



Key benefits of ISO in Lagos:

There is n number of benefits that an organization can reap just by getting ISO Certification in Lagos. Some of them are:


  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Increased reputation of the organization
  • Increased business performance and revenue
  • Improvised communication between all levels of the organization
  • Improved product efficiency and reduced product failures
  • A competitive edge in the global market
  • Guideline for successful working practices.

Overall, ISO 9001 in Lagos ensures that all the products and services of an organization are of the best quality while improving the overall business performance.



Get ISO Certification in Lagos now!


If you wish to get your organization ISO Certified in Lagos, you will need assistance from a third-party certification body as the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is involved only in developing and distributing the international standards.


FINECERT is an ISO Certification and Consultation body that can help you get certified. Our expert ISO Consultants are highly experienced and use a very transparent and cost-effective approach while dealing with clients. We help organizations get certification according to their needs and time requirements in a minimal time.

Why us?

We provide continual support even after the whole certification process is completed by maintaining a long-term productive relationship with our clients.

To get ISO certification in Lagos, you can contact us at for further queries or visit and check all the services we provide in many regions worldwide.