Changes in the development of pokemon.

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Changes in the development of pokemon.

Posted By Larissa li     June 6, 2021    


Although Pokémon Red and Blue helped spawn the most important media franchise in modern history. This is a great help to the development of society and economy. But you will find that certain elements of the entire game are not spread well in certain areas. It also failed to set a good example for young players, causing their age ratings to increase around Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS versions of Pokémon Red and Blue have added new features, including the ability to trade Pokémon wirelessly to players. The sequel adds more content, mainly because after defeating Lance for the first time, Sharabi can be captured in the Pokémon Crystal. Because advocates safe and convenient delivery methods. Most players trust the site, so they will choose to Buy Cheap Pokemon. The game has some subtle changes. Starting from Pokémon Yellow, Jynx's color scheme has changed in most games.

The early Pokémon games were not completely unscathed when they entered the modern era. The early development of every successful game is full of frustrations. In Pokémon Red and Blue, you can visit Celadon Game Corner and play some slot machines. It is possible to earn gold coins by winning a big win on a slot machine, and these gold coins can usually be used to buy prizes. Since the release of Pokémon Red and Blue, the PEGI Age Rating Board has determined that any description of gambling in a video game will immediately result in 12 points. Therefore, the Pokémon company chose to accept the European 12 rating.

The PEGI rating will continue to have an impact throughout the Pokémon series. Pokémon games gradually stopped using the game corner until remakes of the old games still exist, but they are closed to the public. Therefore, Pai Gow Poker is no longer part of the series. Players pursue exciting adventures in the game and do not care about these details. Most players still go to Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto at their pace. The addition of gambling elements in the Pokémon series of games may be inspired by the Dragon Quest game. Because it is full of casinos and random chance games.

The creators of Pokémon claim that Dragon Quest inspired Pokémon's trading mechanism, so slot games may be an endorsement of the iconic role-playing game series. It's amazing to see the Pokémon company take off gambling mini-games through the Pokémon series, no matter what the reason. The Pokémon series has been aimed at children for a long time. Higher age levels will seriously affect Pokémon Company's net profit, and parts that endanger the physical and mental health of young players must be removed.