What are the precautions for using home elevators?

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What are the precautions for using home elevators?

Posted By Web star     June 9, 2021    


No matter what kind of household elevators have some precautions in the use process, if you do not follow these matters, it is likely to cause damage to the elevator, the elevator staff introduced to us what we need to pay attention to during the use of home elevators What?

1. Keep the elevator car clean. Smoking is prohibited in the passenger compartment, and do not discard snacks or fruit and other residues in the elevator car to prevent debris and other debris from entering the gap of the car door sill and causing equipment damage.

2. Keep the elevator car dry. Do not bring umbrellas and rain boots with running water into the car. One is to prevent the car floor from getting wet and causing people to slip; the other is to prevent water from entering the hoistway along the gap of the elevator sill and causing electrical appliances. The device is short-circuited.

3. The elevator cannot be started. Don't try to stop the car door from closing with your hands, feet or crutches, sticks, sticks, etc., so as not to affect the elevator structure and cause danger.

4. Elevator failure should be handled calmly. When the elevator fails or some accidents occur, you should not panic, let alone press the buttons in the elevator, you should call for help in time or press the emergency bell.

5. When the elevator runs abnormally, the professional manufacturer should be notified in time for inspection and repair, and it must not be repaired without authorization.

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