Dutch Bike For Sale Supplier Introduces The Knowledge Of Gear Shift Adjustment Of Mountain Bikes

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Dutch Bike For Sale Supplier Introduces The Knowledge Of Gear Shift Adjustment Of Mountain Bikes

Posted By hang yi     June 9, 2021    


Dutch Bike For Sale Supplier introduces how to adjust the gear shift of mountain bikes

1. Fixed gear ratio, very little speed change

One situation is that long-term use of the broad market against Xiao Fei, thinking that it is "energetic" to step on this way! Little do you know that a long-term gear ratio like this will accelerate the wear of the flywheel, disc, and chain; and the torque that needs to be stepped on is also very large (that is, "excessive force"). If it is for a long time, it may cause irreversible damage to the knee joint! Another situation is that the large plate is flying against each other, which will make the chain tension too large, which will damage the rear derailleur and the chain to a certain extent. Such a speed change method will also cause increased wear due to the excessive chain tension, and severely lead to breakage. The chain, the rear derailleur is damaged and so on. The small plate is also an incorrect speed change for Xiao Fei, which will cause the chain tension to be too low, causing phenomena such as the chain to hit the frame and the chain to fall during severe bumps. Generally, the minimum number of teeth flywheels are designed for low torque pedaling. The use of "downhill acceleration" is not used for high-torque cruise pedaling and sprinting. It is one of the fastest worn parts in the transmission system. In the cross-country mountain bike, facing extremely complex road conditions, it is necessary to use the gears reasonably in dynamic balance. It is normal to switch gears several times in a very short period of time. You must adjust the gears in time according to your body's ability and actual road conditions. Will give full play to the real efficiency of the speed change.

2. Can't shift speed correctly when encountering steep slope

①Failed to shift gears in time, resulting in strenuous pedaling uphill, and eventually unable to resist gravity. He went down the cart and moved forward on the grounds of "weakness of the vegetable legs";

② is the other extreme. When encountering a steep slope, "Papa Papa" quickly changed to the smallest gear ratio, and stomped on the "circle" quickly, but to no avail. Eventually, the vehicle was unable to climb the steep slope because the speed was too low and the speed was too high. Change gears in advance to a reasonable gear, keep pedaling forcefully without stepping down, and pay attention to the adjustment of the body's center of gravity. If the center of gravity is too far forward, the rear wheels will slip, and if too far back, the head will be "lifted". The correct gear ratio + moderate cadence + reasonable center of gravity can easily climb steep slopes. It’s useless to say nothing. Riders need to adjust their gear ratios according to their physical abilities. No matter how superb riding skills are obtained in countless trainings, after mastering the basic theory, all they need is A lot of practice. But in terms of drive system alone, since SRAM launched the single-disk system in 2012, earth-shaking changes have taken place.

3. Single disk system

1X single-disc speed change has become the mainstream in the arena, and most of the current high-end mountain bikes are also equipped with 1X single-disc as standard. Some riders even left a message: "Three sets are dead", but due to cost constraints, most current entry-level mountain bikes are still equipped with 2X and 3X transmission systems. For mountain bikes, the single-disc system has obvious advantages: it can focus more on road conditions and reduce cumbersome operations; simplicity means easy maintenance; no front derailleur, thumbwheel, disc and other parts, effectively reducing the weight of the vehicle, and The tube and rear suspension structure no longer need to make concessions (no need to consider setting up the front derailleur).

Through the above introduction, China Single Speed City Bike Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.