We are aiming to work with RuneScape gold

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We are aiming to work with RuneScape gold

Posted By Rsking dom     June 4, 2019    


                We are aiming to work with RuneScape gold (and listen to!) those who genuinely want this community to do well, and who contribute to this community now, which can't be said for the vast majority of former members who have left. For many other community forks, we have allowed links to the new wiki to remain on the site, or we've kept a record of discussions that led to the fork, or even allowed former admins to keep their rights. However, this wiki's former community has aggressively attempted to sabotage it on multiple occasions, ignored warnings, and so made us feel more drastic steps are necessary to protect the future of the community here. We don't want to advertise this wiki's dramatic recent history to new visitors (just like you wouldn't rant about your past failed relationships on a first date). We'll probably not reach an agreement on this, but I hope I could at least make Fandom's reasoning a bit clearer. Mira Laime @fandom  (help forum | blog) 03:24, April 9, 2019 (UTC)

                    Just remember that how fandom reacts / treats this wiki also impacts how editors on other wikis view you. If you focus too hard on salvaging this wiki in a way that's not being civil and shows no respect, it leaves a bad impression (I for one still edit other wikias, if smaller); and even with the sabatoge thing, be the "bigger person", focus on PR instead of what has clearly come of as petty vengeance (even if you disagree / it truly wasn't your purpose). I understand you can't go forward on the wiki without stepping on some toes, but that's different than stomping them. I say all this as someone never even very active in this wiki's community; but I always respected how this wiki was run, often using this wiki's setup as buy RS gold inspiration/a resource, and while they were strict I respected the people who used to run it.