Two Ways to Show Identity and Loyalty - Cloisonne Lapel Pins and Embroidered Patches

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Two Ways to Show Identity and Loyalty - Cloisonne Lapel Pins and Embroidered Patches

Posted By beauty hooked     June 15, 2021    


Identity and achievement: We all want to show others that we have them. How do we show identity and achievement? By wearing cloisonné lapel pins and patches such as military patches. Cloisonne pins are a dressed-up way to show our loyalty. With a pin in our lapel, we can show others the company we work for, the club we belong to, or the status we have achieved. Patches are a decorative but inexpensive way to show who we are and what we've done in a more casual manner. Important among the patches are military patches, which can express the pride and patriotism of the wearer.

Cloisonne is an ancient and artistic process that was developed in the Orient. Elaborate decorative pieces can be created using this process. The effect is similar to stained glass but is not transparent. This process consists of many complicated steps. Cloisonné consists of a metal base topped with enamel. The different colors or sections of the piece are separated by a thin wall of metal. First the artist creates the metal base in the shape of the finished object, for example, a flower. Next a silver wire is soldered into place where separation is needed between the colors. Third, the enamel material is placed into the separated areas. Various chemicals create enamels of different colors. After the enamel powder is in place, the piece is fired. This firing creates the solid, glass-like enamel. After the firing, the piece is polished, and finally, the piece is gilded or electroplated. Visit here  custom embroidered patches

Although this is a complicated process, small lapel pins can be made quite inexpensively. However, although the pins are inexpensive, they can be quite beautiful, looking more valuable than they actually are. This trait is a huge plus to a company that wants to give a small gift with Wow power. For this reason, cloisonne lapel pins make excellent promotional giveaways or acknowledgments for contributions.

Another use that makes the cloisonne lapel pin valuable is trading at a large event. Trading pins gives attendees an introduction to others and a talking point for conversation. Think of the Olympics. Olympics attendees arrive with a supply of identifying pins that have a great worth beyond the bits of metal and enamel. People who may not even speak the same language are able to communicate and become acquainted through the exchange of pins. And then in the years after returning home, going through the collection of pins can bring back precious faces and memories.

To acknowledge identity or achievement in a more casual way, you may prefer to use patches. Embroidered patches are larger than pins and can be sewn or ironed onto casual clothing such as jackets, hats, and vests. Patches can identify places that the wearer has visited, events he has taken part in, and competitions she has won. A fully covered vest or jacket can indicate the pride of an active and interesting person.

A special category of patches is the military patch. Again, the meaning and sentiment behind the patch has immeasurable value beyond the mere fabric and colored thread. A military patch is a visible piece of patriotism and belonging to a humanitarian cause.

Patches and pins are small inexpensive trifles, but the pride and achievement behind them make them a bargain at twice-no thrice-the price.