Is Technology More Helpful or More Harmful for Families?

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Is Technology More Helpful or More Harmful for Families?

Posted By fiona wilson     June 15, 2021    


The families, members of which apply technology on the daily basis, have controversial attitude to this issue. Consequently, the misunderstanding concerning the mentioned problem induces the researchers to investigate it in every aspect. Taking into account the two-fold character of the issue, the emergence of new technologies still provides a negative impact on the individuals.

Today, almost every family considers technology as inevitable part of its life. Their members use various types of devices on the daily basis. Additionally, many families communicate with the help of social networks. This way, modern technologies have a beneficial impact on families. The technologies have shaped the way individuals can share ideas. Today, it is important for young people to use and interact with information. It means that when they share the stories via the social networks, their literacy practices are connected with online environment. Consequently, children and adults have to be ready to employ new technologies. Technology may push people’s critical engagements and cooperation respectively. One more important benefit of the technology within a family is control. Nowadays, there are many devices as well as applications which enable parents to keep track of their children. In other words, parents may control where their kids are and when they come to a certain destination. Consequently, parents may worry less and be sure that children are under control. Taking into account the mentioned information, one may admit that technology improves family life and makes people’s life easier.

However, nowadays children are extremely obsessed with technologies making their life virtual rather than real. In accordance with the Washington Post, teens spend more than seven hours per day in the social networks. They communicate with virtual friends even without meeting them in real life. Today, the attitude to communication has been shaped with the help of new technologies. All adults as well as teens share posts in social networks instead of communicating in real life. Apart from the Internet and social networks, there is television which also influences life in family. In accordance with Alessondra Villegas, a great number of mothers use television as a babysitter. They admit that it helps greatly when there is a need to do household duties. Children like watching cartoons, and television is one of the alternative ways to grab their attention. The result of such an activity may be negative, since parents do not pay much attention to the children. Every time when they leave a child watching TV without any control, it may turn into hazard. One more negative impact of new technologies is the appearance of computer games. They can change one’s personality and influence the mental development of an individual as well. With the advent of computer networks, there appeared computer games where the number of players is often not limited to two. It should be noted that if a conventional computer game has a limited number of versions of the story, interactions in online games with a large number of participants – living people, seem more real and have many possible scenarios. Consequently, excessive use of the Internet and playing various online computer games may contribute to the emergence of reality avoidance syndrome (drug) dependence on the Internet. The navigation process "draws" the person so that he or she is unable to fully function in the real world. It seems that negative impacts of the technology prevail.

Personally, I believe that technologies have a negative influence on individuals’ well-being. The research totally coincides with my personal views, since today, technologies interfere in every single aspect of human life. Technological evolution has not left any untouched places. Even at home, people have microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances that make their lives easier, but with the advent of these machines and devices, people have lost their habit for hard work and have becoming lazier and slower. While analyzing the problem, I found quite surprising the fact that many mothers use television as a babysitter. It should be changed, since technologies cannot substitute real relations and communication. Consequently, this type of research was quite convincing, since it provides valid evidence.

All in all, the issue of technologies is quite controversial. On the one hand, people are used to different appliances and find it hard to refuse from using them. On the other hand, the lasting usage of technologies has a negative impact on mental as well as psychological health of individuals. Thus, the result is a vicious circle. Even being aware of their dependence on technology and devices people cannot and do not want to abandon them. In any case, it is possible to monitor the impact of the latter and to remain human in a world of machines. It is up to people how to use and interpret technologies. If every family uses technology smartly, there will not be any harm to children as well as adults. Technologies are aimed at making people’s life easier, so people have to control their usage in every aspect. In such a way, the connection between human beings and technologies will be in balance.
About the author: Fiona Wilson is a master in Literature at New York University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at page where you can find controversial medical topics She also studies male psychology. She adores sport and her favorite activities are volleyball and swimming.