If the measuring body deforms, it is sent to the strain gauge

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If the measuring body deforms, it is sent to the strain gauge

Posted By liheng huzhou     June 18, 2021    


  How do you determine the degree of deformation of the measured body of the shear beam load cell? At this point, special strain gauges or thin-film sensors come into play. They are attached or mounted on the measuring body. In the measurement process, they act as mechanical intermediate stages.

  Example of strain gauges: They are glued to the measuring body. If the measuring body deforms, it is transferred to the strain gauge. These convert elastic deformations into electrical signals proportionally. This change in resistance can be measured easily and very accurately: the measurement accuracy is between 0.01% and 0.05% F nom. Calibration is in grams, kilograms, or tons.

  As an alternative to these adhesive foil strain gauges, there are also force sensors with welded film sensors. = Thin film technology provides consistently high quality, precise measurement directly in force flow, very good temperature characteristics, and high long-term stability. For the shear beam load cell, the standardized sensor uses laser welding to the measuring element, thereby realizing automated mass production.

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