Apartment in Vila Mariana 5 tips to find the dream property
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Apartment in Vila Mariana 5 tips to find the dream property

Posted By Featured Featured     June 21, 2021    


The place also has a privileged location, since it is located in the South Zone and with easy access to several important points of the city.

In addition to the quality of life that the neighborhood offers for being genuinely residential, it has an excellent infrastructure composed of services, commerce and many transport alternatives.

In addition, the place is full of gastronomic options and cultural attractions, and also has excellent schools and universities.

In this post, we will tell you a little about the history of the neighborhood, as well as list some tips for you to find an excellent apartment in Vila Mariana. Continue reading and check it out!

A little bit of the history of Vila Mariana (SP)

One of the versions about the history of Vila Mariana talks about its denomination that would have arisen due to the joining of the names Maria and Ana, made by Colonel Carlos Eduardo de Paula Pettit, after a visit to the place. Another version, however, says that the name would be the wife of the engineer responsible for the construction of the first railway in the area.

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The inauguration of the region's railway line occurred in 1886 and connected two important points: Liberdade and Santo Amaro . After a year, a slaughterhouse was built on the site, when, then, the region started to be populated. Currently, the Brazilian Cinematheque works in the same location.

Another historical site in Vila Mariana is the Instituto Biológico, opened in 1945, which had as its initial objective the control of pests that occurred in coffee plantations. Today, it is an important center linked to the São Paulo State Secretariat for Supply, focused on agribusiness, biosafety and other related activities.

Nowadays, anyone who strolls through the neighborhood has no doubt that it is a lovely place to live. It guarantees an excellent quality of life, in addition to providing residents with an unparalleled infrastructure, with options of all kinds, such as commerce, service, culture and leisure.

Tips for choosing the best apartment in Vila Mariana

To choose the dream property in the neighborhood, you must base yourself on some important points. Check out our suggestions!

  1. Consider your needs

To choose the property you are going to live in and search, you must first of all know your needs. To do this, you need to assess your current lifestyle and analyze your current priorities, as well as your short- and long-term goals.

Therefore, it is vital that you make a list with the characteristics that the property must have. This will also be very useful to avoid unnecessary visits to properties that have nothing to do with your profile. Listing your priorities will ensure an effective search without wasting time.


Therefore, when making the list, you should think about the following questions:

  • what you expect the condominium to offer;
  • if you intend to increase the family, and in this case, the number of rooms counts a lot;
  • if you want schools and universities close by;
  • if you would like to have an abundant trade nearby;
  • among other requirements. 
  1. Analyze the location

The location is a decisive issue when choosing the ideal apartment. Thus, their needs are closely associated with it. Some people prefer quiet places, free from noise and without much hustle and bustle. Others, however, need everything close by and do not care about traffic, commerce and other noises.

After all, what they seek is the convenience of being able to count on services and trade around, whenever they need it. Therefore, evaluating the location is super important for a choice that guarantees your preferences. Otherwise, later regrets may occur.

  1. Don't just choose the price of the property

Obviously, the choice you are going to make should fit in your pocket - thus avoiding default, in the case of financing, and future regrets. However, it is very common for some people to choose the price, rather than what they really need.

In view of this, it is important to always analyze the situation, placing the price, yes, as something relevant, but never above the other priorities. The ideal is to seek a middle ground, so that the apartment meets your needs, in addition to having a price that fits your budget.

Anyone who buys a property cannot forget the other costs involved in maintaining an apartment. Remember, for example, the condominium fee - which must be paid forever, and which today represents a significant expense for homeowners. When looking for your property, do not forget to find out about this type of value.

  1. Visit multiple units

The purchase of a property involves a large investment, therefore, require much care in choosing. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully analyze each unit you visit. Don't be in a hurry at this time ... visit several properties. After all, you will live in this place, and a good choice will represent your tranquility and well-being.

  1. Be very careful when buying an apartment on the floor

As it is a more accessible negotiation, a unit in the plant can help many to rush into the decision. In fact, you need to keep in mind that, as with other business alternatives, it involves a large investment and, therefore, it must also be very well evaluated and questioned.

The fact that you see the property only on the floor plan or in a model, makes it very likely that some aspects will go unnoticed. Therefore, the suggestion is that, in addition to checking the details on the plan and the model, if the property has a unit already decorated, for example, be sure to visit.

Also, read carefully what the property's descriptive memorial says. This document ensures that the apartment is delivered with everything in the description, such as footage, items, materials used, etc. That is, after delivery, everything that was not kept in the document may be required by law.

As you can see in this content about buying an apartment in Vila Mariana, these are some details that deserve a lot of attention from those who want to make a good deal. However, you can count on real estate portals, such as Moving Imóveis , which help a lot in this important achievement, which is the purchase of your own home.