Smart furniture 8 tips to optimize the space of your apartment
    • Last updated June 21, 2021
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Smart furniture 8 tips to optimize the space of your apartment

Posted By Featured Featured     June 21, 2021    


In fact, today there is a dispute over physical space, especially in medium and large cities. This forces the construction companies to reduce the size of the apartments. Buyers, in turn, need to look for alternatives and end up opting for the purchase of functional furniture - which makes it possible to save a lot of space.

In order to help find good strategies for solving the problem, we selected some smart furniture ideas that promote space optimization and beautiful decoration . Continue reading and check out our suggestions!

  1. Multifunction bookcase

This type of furniture has as its main function the integration of environments, at the same time that it delimits spaces. This is possible because these shelves function as partitions and, because they are hollow, they can be used both on one side of the environment and on the other.  strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like park view city lahore installments

Some dividing bookcase designs also include a home office with a table attached to one side. This is an excellent solution for delimiting the living room and bedroom areas, for example.

  1. Smart beds

Perhaps the bed is the piece of furniture that occupies the most space in an apartment , do you agree? But, there are fantastic solutions that take advantage of this area that is idle during the day. The idea is to transform your bed into another piece of furniture in the period when it will not be used. Here are some options:

  • Retractable beds: make room in the environment and even become another piece of furniture, such as a sofa. The idea of ​​smart furniture is to take advantage of areas and transform the environment into whatever you want, such as a home office - which is the case with the suspended bed with mini office underneath.
  • Models that can be erected and leaned against the wall: they can be transformed into panels, partitions and many other ideas.
  • Chest bed: has a compartment below the mattress. Many use this space to store bedding, such as blankets, sheets or even residents' clothes that are not used for a long period.
  1. Functional tables

The extending or elastic table is an old acquaintance: it is the one that increases in size and gathers more people. It is possible to attach another part of the furniture according to the need.

There are also retractable tables, which are attached to the wall and only take up space when they are in use, as well as those that are grouped with benches or chairs. All of these options save a lot of area in the house.


Finally, coffee tables with drawers are practical alternatives, and you can take advantage of the space to organize some items in the house, such as documents and cables.

  1. Washbasin cabinet with column

For the bathroom, there is a cabinet solution under the sink that is practical and makes the environment more beautiful: it is the case of the column washbasin cabinet, which fits this type of crockery. The advantage of this model is that it occupies the entire space below the sink, referring to a cabinet with a support bowl.

  1. Office desk with bookcase

The furniture is a small bookcase with a table attached. There are several models, in which the top can either be inserted in the middle of the bookcase, or beside it as if it were a continuation. There are models in which the table is in the center of the bookcase and its shelves are above the top.

  1. Ironing board

For the service area, with its increasingly smaller size, a good idea is the ironing board with attached cupboard. That is, the ironing board is part of the cabinet, serving as a top. Some models have a place on the end to hang the clothes, as if it were a clothes rack. Very functional!

  1. Smart kitchen cabinet

Functional cabinets, both for the kitchen and the service area, can be found ready-made, custom-made or planned. Logically, those sold in stores have more affordable prices. For kitchens, you will find cabinets that serve to store and organize various items, in addition to a special place where the microwave fits.

  1. Functional cupboard for service area

For service area, there are very functional closets as well. They are usually tall enough to accommodate various items, such as a broom, mop, cleaning supplies, bucket, vacuum cleaner and even a ladder. Everything is well organized inside the closet and its area is clean.

How to use furniture to share environments?

Currently, construction companies are betting on the trend of integrated environments, with no divisions between areas. In addition to ensuring more space , this feature offers more decoration alternatives to the resident, as spaces can be created using the furniture itself as partitions, such as a sofa, bench, bookcase, etc. Check out the ideas:

  • Shelf with hollow niches: the furniture organizes books or reading space on one side, while on the other it can accommodate decorative items. It is a solution that gives a sense of spaciousness, as it is possible to see the entire environment through the niches of the furniture.
  • Sofa sideboard: in the open concept of decoration , this piece of furniture can divide rooms. But, don't forget to choose a functional sideboard, such as a small bookcase with niches that will be useful for storing objects.
  • Carpets: in addition to giving an air of warmth to the decor, they can delimit the environments. Each area must have a different rug, but with a harmonious combination.
  • Screens: they are ideal in small environments, as they are delicate and very thin. Of Chinese origin, screens have been used for a long time and today we can find them in different materials. It is an excellent alternative, since in addition to delimiting the areas of the house, they help with decoration.
  • Workbench: with high stools, the workbench can integrate kitchen and living room, and serve as a support for meals.

As you saw in this article, there are a variety of smart furniture options to take advantage of space. They are functional and practical, making our daily lives a lot easier. However, these solutions must be well planned according to the space available and the needs of the residents.