Pay Attention To The Use Of Stenter

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Pay Attention To The Use Of Stenter

Posted By licheng flatprinter     June 22, 2021    


Stenter's sealed oil cup is combined with sealed ink storage and ink scraping functions. The ink is sealed between the surface of the printing plate and the ceramic ring blade of the oil cup. The ink is sealed in the oil cup to reduce the time when the ink is exposed to the air. What is the difference between silk screen printing and scale printing thinner, which reduces the evaporation of ink, maintains the stability of ink density, and then guarantees a stable printing effect. In addition, the blade of the ceramic ring of the oil cup needs to be hard and sharp, suitable for printing purposes. The key to selecting the pad printing head and pad printing ink is to obtain a clear and vivid printing effect.

Screen printing machine manufacturers should pay attention to the selection of screen printing heads. Try to choose round or conical printing heads. Try to choose a printing head with a larger view point. If the product can withstand the pressure, you should use a harder printing head because it is harder. The plastic head has a longer life and can print clearer pictures. A variety of pad printing inks are filling the market, and screen printing inks are also used for pad printing. Pad printing inks must have the following characteristics and have strong adhesion to the printed appearance.

The outstanding fluidity of the Flat Screen Printing Machine manufacturer. Some inks are slurried and cannot flow in the oil cup or oil basin. When the thinning water evaporates with the ink, it can express its viscosity. The slender pigments will make gloss It is more significant and reduces transparency. Normally, the thickness of the normal printing ink is 7μm. The gloss of the ink cannot be changed by the appearance of the printing. It can dry quickly but does not affect its viscosity. If the ink is too thick, the active pad printer will make the printing plate difficult. If the ink is too thin, there will be static problems. If the ink is too thin, transparency will be added, and it will be difficult for the printing head to carry the ink. Because there are many different inks on the market, it is difficult to determine the time to add thin water or slow drying water. And the number of times, we can only determine by investigating the printing function. To this end, Hengcai has introduced a series of scientific equipment, such as ink concentration testers, to measure ink concentration.