Our Guide To Choosing Power Grass Trimmer

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Our Guide To Choosing Power Grass Trimmer

Posted By tee ouu     June 23, 2021    


So spring came and the grass began to grow. The edges of your lawn are starting to look a bit sloppy, and you need a tool to tidy them up. However, trying to determine the lawnmower needed to tame the lawn can be a bit challenging. With so many different products to choose from, we are here to help you determine the best lawn mower for you.

What is apower grass trimmer?
Trimmers, also commonly referred to as trimmers (or string trimmers, string trimmers, weed trimmers or even whipping shears!), are mainly designed for light work in the garden or around the property. Most of them come standard with a cutting wire (the diameter of the wire depends on the model), but there are other cutting accessories that may help slightly more stubborn grass growth. Compared with larger and more powerful lawnmowers, lawnmowers are more compact and lighter, and are an excellent tool to keep your lawn in top condition all year round.

What are you trimming?
The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of work you need the tool to accomplish. It may be that your garden needs careful maintenance, including handling tough weeds and thorns. In this case, we will avoid the lawn mower series and lead you to our lawn mower series. However, if the job is general grass and lawn maintenance, and occasional weeding, then our lawn mower is fully capable of accomplishing this task!

Your next choice is whether to use a cordless (battery powered), gasoline or electric lawn mower. Each has its advantages, as described below.

Cordless, battery-powered lawnmower
In recent years, with the advancement of wireless technology, the popularity of wireless gardening power tools has also increased significantly. Considering the convenience of battery tools, this is not surprising-there are no emissions, they are also quiet and easy to use.

Gasoline Lawn Mower
Gasoline lawn mowers are ideal for large gardens and areas where grass grows and weeds may be slightly thicker.

Electric lawn mower
If you have a small lawn and an easily accessible power source, then electricity is still a good choice. You only need to pay attention to the distance the trimmer will reach and the location of the cable.

What personal protective equipment should you wear on your lawnmower?
When using any power tool, you should always wear the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for your own safety. For lawn trimmers, we recommend that you wear safety glasses and a transparent face shield (certified by EN 166) to protect your eyes and face from any debris, wear close-fitting clothes to cover your legs and arms, and wear suitable Work gloves and safety boots.

Don't forget to check wild animals
Before using any power tools in the garden, it is always important to check for wild animals. The number of hedgehogs in the UK is decreasing and they often lie in long grass or weeds, so when using a lawnmower, be sure to check the bushes before starting work.

Store your lawn mower
Before you put the lawnmower back in the shed or garage, it is always worth cleaning it up to remove the piles of grass around the head and shaft. Before starting, make sure that the machine is turned off and the battery is removed when using cordless tools. A brush and a little elbow grease are the best options. The sooner you do it after use, the easier it will be to clean. We do not recommend using an electric washing machine, because it will damage the machine.

After the tool is clean and tidy, pop it onto the bracket or screw (if it has hanging holes). Hanging it on the ground can keep it away from moisture and make the shed or garage more organized.

For cordless tools, we recommend storing the battery in a place with a more stable ambient temperature separate from the tool. This way, they will be ready when you need them. You can find more information about caring for batteries in our blog post on battery care and maintenance.

If you store the gasoline lawn mower for more than 4-6 weeks, we recommend that the tool’s fuel tank has no fuel left and it has dried up. This will help ensure that there are no deposits and buildups around the fuel supply system when the fuel starts to run out.
Of course, after you have a lawn mower, you also need atelescopic pole saw, because only this can help you solve the problem of huge thick poles.