Motion Control Method of Can Making Machine

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Motion Control Method of Can Making Machine

Posted By Gold Eagle     June 24, 2021    


The motion control method of the automatic metal can making machine is:
(1) A pneumatic manipulator with a rotating angle of 360° driven by a servo motor (with photoelectric sensor
(The device must start at 0 o’clock)
(2) The screw assembly is driven by the stepper motor to make the manipulator move along the X and Y axes (there are limits for the x and y axes)
(3) The turntable mechanism that can hover 360° can drive the manipulator and the lead screw group to rotate freely (the electric
The pneumatic drive part is composed of a DC motor, an automatic metal can sealing machine photoelectric encoder, a proximity switch, etc.)
(4) The rotating base mainly supports the above 3 parts;
(5) The opening and closing of the pneumatic manipulator is controlled by air pressure (the manipulator is relaxed when the inflator is

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