the rest of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold
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the rest of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold

Posted By Rsking dom     June 10, 2019    


This was so unsatisfactory. I would not mind the bad monetization if the rest of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold were very excellent. There just is t there. There are several better options. Do yourself get aralorn or something. There are a number of excellent games in this genre on just look around, and they wont have microtransactions.Excuse me? Did you assume they need and/or need your respect for their own game or mobile gaming in general? They need your money to be invested on bloody gems. I am waiting for D:I now. Wonder how they are going to monetise it, after Bethesda includes this shit when promising the spirit of The Elder Scrolls Blades series.

Whilst I do think it's unfair to criticise The Elder Scrolls Blades for its overpriced microtransactions considering they're no worse than any freemium match, it is very disappointing to see it coming from Bethesda. Whilst needing gems to build shit is pretty standard for a freemium match, requiring jewels to open treasure chests is ludicrous. Also am I correct in saying that if you have chests, their timers only tick down one at a time? It seemed that way in the movie, and if that's the case then that is tremendously shitty.This can come as a surprise to many, as strange as it may sound, but these matches, or rather all The Elder Scrolls Bladess are made to buy ESO Blades Gold make money. Not to make people happy. It's business. If I'd make a match, I would also make it ONLY to make money why would I make it otherwise??