Velvet popular with everyone
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Velvet popular with everyone

Posted By jishun changshu     June 25, 2021    


Soft Velvet Fabric and Coral Fleece Fabric, although their appearance is similar, but the production process and raw materials are quite different. When buying, we tend to ignore the subtle differences between them. So, we will introduce these two fabrics in detail and teach you how to distinguish them.

The advantages and disadvantages of coral fleece fabric

Coral fleece fabric uses polyester fiber as raw material. The weaving process is mainly heating, deforming, cooling and shaping. The weaving process has also been improved and upgraded year by year, and new processes have been continuously added to make the fabric have a richer sense of layering and rich colors. Because its fibers are very thin and not easy to bend, coral fleece is very soft to the touch. Coral fleece is very popular among consumers because of its soft texture, lint-free, ball-free, and non-fading. In dry climates, coral fleece fabrics are prone to static electricity, so it is best to add softener when washing.

The production process and advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabric

The raw materials of velvet are silk and cotton yarn. The production process is ancient and complicated. Cotton yarn is used as weft and weave each other; silk is warp yarn, which is responsible for weaving into piles and loops. The warp and weft yarn goes through three steps of degumming, dyeing and twisting. The main steps.

The fluff in the velvet fabric is dense and towering, and the overall look is pure in color. The clothes are woven into wear-resistant and durable, with excellent elasticity, which is a good choice for clothes. After gradual improvement, velvet fabrics on the market now rarely shed hair, do not fade, are soft and comfortable, and are of high quality and low price.

Which is better, velvet or coral velvet

In terms of fabric quality, velvet is definitely better than coral velvet, but in terms of fabric sales, coral velvet is higher than velvet. If it is personal clothing, coral fleece is more suitable. But if it is a coat, the velvet fabric will look elegant and generous.How do we distinguish between these two materials? First, touch the texture. The velvet fabric is silk cotton yarn, and the coral velvet fabric is fiber, so the velvet material is more textured. Secondly, coral velvet is bright in color and velvet is light in color. Finally, observe the fluff. In most cases, the fluff of coral fleece is softer and longer than the fluff of velvet.

Hope this article can help you understand the similarities and differences between velvet and coral velvet.

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