The Principle Of Flat Head Rivet Nut

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The Principle Of Flat Head Rivet Nut

Posted By haining khfastener     July 5, 2021    


Fasteners are one of our common parts, and flat head rivet nut is also a kind of fastener. Today we talk about the principle of flat head rivet nut.

The principle of the rivet nut is to press the embossing teeth into the preset holes of the sheet metal. Generally speaking, the aperture of the preset holes is slightly smaller than the embossing teeth of the pressure riveting nut, and the flower teeth of the pressure riveting nut are squeezed into the plate through pressure. The periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, and the deformed object is squeezed into the guide groove, thereby producing a locking effect.

The flat head pull cap, as the name implies, is that the head of the pull cap is a cylindrical flat head. After such a pull cap is riveted to the plate, the head will protrude from the surface of the plate, and it has various properties in the round rivet nut. It is the best, and the plate that needs to be riveted with the countersunk head cap is angled at 90° when opening the hole. After the countersunk head cap is riveted on the plate, the head is embedded in the plate and will not protrude from the surface of the plate. This is to meet the requirements of some customers to maintain the same plane with the plate after the pull cap is riveted.

Of course, the same principle applies to the carbon steel rivet nut .