The Path of Exile: the Legion's spring live, melee overhaul has become implemented

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The Path of Exile: the Legion's spring live, melee overhaul has become implemented

Posted By smrt smith     June 14, 2019    



The Path Of Exile just given up on the version 3.7.0 update, the Legion, that's liable to bring some interesting new changes and challenges. In addition towards the new Challenge Alliance, the overhaul on the much-anticipated melee system carries a series of game changes and improvements.

Of course, the highlight from the update would be the introduction of your new challenge alliance which consists of own unique game implementation. The Legion Challenge Buy POE Currency Alliance introduced a grotesque but powerful boulder for your game, that was randomly generated as players explored the overall game map. Touching these boulders will advise you the ghosts in the ancient army, giving players the chance to fight with these, releasing their tortured souls and receiving a good return. One of the rewards is completely new to the Legion Challenge Alliance: Fragments, fragments of those mysterious boulders that players will use later to go in the eternal conflict zone.

Another major change is without question the most important difference in the update (as it affects all players, not merely the league players), it is just a melee reform. For a while, the developer Grinding Gear Games may be experimenting with various systems Path of Exile Currency in exile - for example, magic-based battles - and possesses recently turned its focus to melee fighting in games. The highlights of melee overhaul are going to be related to numbers and AoE, which will probably be provided from the full patch description linked below. However, developers also declared that their aim would be to improve the "feel" of melee fighting.
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The Path Of Exile: Legion also makes some balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. You can read these inside full version 3.7.0 patch instructions.

How does one see the new game mechanics and balance changes introduced within the Legion from the Exiles? Have you ever took part in a new challenge league and met a mysterious boulder? What will you want to see inside the upcoming update - better rewards, more difficult content? Please let us know inside the comments section below!