This is absolutely absurd as everything

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This is absolutely absurd as everything

Posted By Gboy sLove     June 18, 2019    


This is absolutely absurd as everything has started how to buy mt on nba 2k20 spiral out of control with accusations. We sexually harassed, tried to solicit a little child to have oral sex, and tried to sexually harass a 19 year old. For somebody to accuse us of this much, and to permanently ban us from a game because of a single match? And this said person that banned us is a developer as well? That is far, FAR too extreme for my taste. It is simply absurd as to how they think they can get away with permanently banning somebody and accusing them of felonies which would result in 10+ years in prison. The dev says he has proof but yet refuses to post it, which I believe is personally suspicious. If he had video footage he could simply post it and this entire PR nightmare for the company would end instantly. Then you could judge on flat-out, raw footage. Personally I am perfectly fine with a temporary ban because I understand what I did wrong here. Maybe we we talked a bit too much shit, I do admit. But a permanent ban? From one match? Because of shit talking? It is completely apalling to me. In my opinion the best way to do this is one of a few ways: Either perma-ban the other side as well, unban us and issue an apology, or unban us, apologize, and ban the other side.

We have reached out to Gun Media for their take on the situation but we have not received a response as of yet. Both players are adamant that they did not know the player was a 19-year-old child before being told so by the developers.

Since the controversy began, players have allegedly sent death threats to the developers, as well as DDoSing the game’s servers twice, at least according to this video below. On the subreddit side of things, the developers have been officially removed as moderators, so now the subreddit is entirely fan driven.

It’s a shame to see a promising game take such a negative turn such as this. It could still get better but it looks like it will take some time for the rift between the developers and the players to heal.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more news buy 2k20 mt the situation.We’ll also update this post if we receive a response from Gun Media.