Which Swords of Legends Online Class Should You Play New Player Guide

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Which Swords of Legends Online Class Should You Play New Player Guide

Posted By rsvsr swordoflegend     July 7, 2021    


While there are a ton of oriental themed Chinese MMORPG's around, Legend of the Ancient Sword Online is one of the few that you should keep a close eye on. The developers of the game showed up at E32017 earlier this year, which bodes good news if they're looking to bringing it over to the stateside. This game looks ten times better than it did last year! Due to popular demand, the fighting system also changed and is now leaning towards action combat. Based on the Gujian series that's highly popular in China, Swords of Legends Online follows the Xianxia genre of fantasy influenced by Chinese mythology, where legendary heroes face numerous perils such as demons, ghosts, and other magic creatures to become immortal.

Swords of Legends Online Class Overview :


This highly versatile class can virtually become a manifestation of Death itself, capable of hunting enemies with increased speed and strength while teleporting to other locations to swiftly and stealthily spring traps on their enemies.

The Berserker

Kill. Smash. Destroy. The Berserker is the go-to class for players that like to inflict massive damage up close with an enormous greatsword or draw attention from enemies so they can “take it for the team” as a heavily armored tank. The Berserker can further specialize as a shape-shifting wolf (that other players can mount) or absorb massive amounts of damage as the Drunken Master with its specially-brewed “medicinal” wine.

The Spellsword

Perfect for players who can’t decide between ranged, melee, or caster, The Spellsword uses powerful magic to enhance their lethal sword skills. Stay just out of range and use Qi-powered flying swords to slice n’ dice your foes as The Sword Artist Mastery role, or get up close and personal and master the secret Bladestorm role and use ancient swordplay techniques to keep your enemies on their toes — until you cut them off!

The Bard

Sing a song of six-pence with a pocket full of DIE as The Bard! Use an elemental harp to shred riffs of death towards your enemies with the Dissonance mastery, or hype up your teammates with a glorious battle-hymn with the Harmony mastery!

The Summoner

Why get involved in all that messy fighting when you can hang back and let others take all the punishment? The Summoner channels their deep connection with the natural world to conjure spirits and faeries to heal and boost their teammates using the Nuwa’s Blessing mastery, or go the other direction and use Nature’s Wrath to summon mythical beasts like the fox companion Mingshi to damage their foes in combat.

The Spearmaster

The spear is the most ubiquitous melee-weapon in human history, and for good reason. The Spearmaster reigns over the battlefield, using range and speed to inflict deadly strike after deadly strike while also serving as the field-engineer, creating useful constructs to aid allies. Spear-masteries include the cool, calm, and collected General that allows Spearmasters to become even deadlier in close combat, and the Phalanx, allowing them to summon heavy armor and an impenetrable shieldwall to protect their allies and stop incoming attacks!

Hopefully this guide will help you with getting started. Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in a breathtaking fantasy world with sophisticated combat mechanics and a unique storyline, click https://www.rsvsr.com/legend-of-the-ancient-sword-gold to learn more information.