High strength steel castings have good toughness, good manufacturability and low price

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High strength steel castings have good toughness, good manufacturability and low price

Posted By wearresistant William     June 26, 2019    


Common wear resistant hammers include high chromium alloy hammers, high manganese steel hammers and bimetallic composite hammers. Suitable wear-resistant hammers should be used for different materials.

High chrome white iron castings are characterized by good toughness, good manufacturability and low price. Its main feature is that under the action of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening. Its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and its wear resistance is greatly improved.

However, the high manganese steel hammer head has higher requirements on the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is not enough or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be rapidly hardened, thus its due wear resistance cannot be exerted. Therefore, the equipment should be selected according to the actual parameters before use, and the equipment can be modified if necessary to maximize its economic benefits.

Gongda wear-resistant parts made of new materials have good wear resistance, saving a lot of time to replace parts, improving production efficiency, increasing efficiency for customers and effectively reducing waste of resources.

Shenyang Gongda has been dedicated to high-quality metal castings for 17 years. With rich experience in accessories, it can help you choose a more wear-resistant hammer head. It is specially customized for different materials and machine conditions to make the most suitable crusher wear-resistant castings for you.

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