The Visual Shock of Aquarium

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The Visual Shock of Aquarium

Posted By mi le     June 26, 2019    


The Ocean Park building is divided into two parts, the mountain and the foot, connected by a 1.5km long cable car. The mountain is the main part of Hong Kong Ocean Park, including the Ocean Park, Haitao Park, hong kong ocean park and Baitorii. The Hong Kong Ocean Park Water Park at the foot of the mountain is the first water recreation center in Asia, as well as a garden theatre, goldfish hall and Jigu village modeled on historical relics.

Aquariums, Pacific Coast and Shark's Pavilion in the park show the mysteries of the sea. Baitorii and Butterfly House are vivid and attractive. Speed trips and soaring swaying boats challenge courage. Children's Kingdom, Super Motion Cinema and Giant Panda Pavilion have their own characteristics. They can also watch interesting dolphin and sea lion performances in hong kong ocean park, Hong Kong Ocean Park. It's enough to spend a day in the Hong Kong Ocean Park.

In addition, taking a cable car in the ocean park is a very enjoyable activity. you can enjoy the charming scenery of the south China sea from a height of 205 meters. from far away, you can see fine sand, shimmering waves and scales, and look up at the white clouds floating.

Aquariums in Hong Kong Ocean Park

One of the world's largest public aquarium. The water body is 22 meters wide, 38 meters long and 7 meters deep. It is divided into 4 layers and can be surrounded by passageways. The museum is divided into deep lake and lagoon according to coral reef layout. There are more than 5,000 fish species in the Pacific islands and the south China sea, about 400 species, ranging from salt sparrow snapper less than 2 cm long to leopard shark 3 meters long, as well as various coral reef fishes such as moray eel, fairy fish and grouper. The museum also has an exhibition entitled "Coral and Coral Reef" to introduce the formation of coral reefs.

This aquarium is undoubtedly a visual shock. It is human and nature. Some careful people will consider the craft of this aquarium. For more information about public aquarium manufacturer, please click here: