Should I Invest in a High Tech Tractor?

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Should I Invest in a High Tech Tractor?

Posted By Richie Burns     July 7, 2021    


Have you been considering a new tractor for your farm? Suppose this seems a viable option to you. In that case, it’s essential to consider the value that high-tech tractor models can offer. Indeed, for many people, these tractors can offer benefits. However, the potential cost implications may make it such that they are not a viable option. So, today, our team here at Southern Global will be looking at the pros and cons of high-tech models of modern tractors. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not they could be a good investment for your farm.

Are High-Tech Tractors Worthwhile?

So, you’ve been wondering whether high-tech tractor models are a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, the price tags of these tractor models can be excessive. So, before you invest, you must take some time to consider whether or not this option could actually offer good value for your farm.

Of course, the benefits of investing in high-tech tractor models are relatively clear to see. These incredible high-tech tractors are designed to make farming more straightforward and automated. By incorporating technologies, radar, and the like into modern tractors, farms can benefit from improved efficiency and automated farming practices. Indeed, tractors are almost able to drive themselves these days, with modern machines incorporating GPS tech to more accurately and precisely sow seeds, apply fertilizers, and the like.

However, there are drawbacks associated with this type of farming too. Indeed, while high-tech tractor models can offer efficiency benefits, they are a lot harder to work with than older models. Not only do operators need to be trained in how to use the technology, but things can often go wrong. And, while standard tractor models can easily be repaired with compact tractor parts, these high-tech tractor models may need more specialist care. This is especially the case if the GPS systems and the like should fail. These are very difficult, if not impossible, to fix yourself. As such, farmers should expect more significant repair costs when choosing high-tech models for their next tractor purchase.

Final Thoughts

Investing in high-tech tractors can offer benefits. For large-scale farms, in particular, automation can provide a plethora of perks. However, the value for small farms is much lesser. Furthermore, farms considering high-tech models for their next tractor purchase should be aware of the potential for high ongoing maintenance costs. Indeed, these tractors can’t simply be repaired with a screwdriver and spare parts often. And, frankly, you could be mad to try, considering the extreme value, too!