Open the Lumina Exotic in Destiny 2

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Open the Lumina Exotic in Destiny 2

Posted By Kenneth Norwood     July 4, 2019    


The rollout of new substance in Destiny 2's Season of Opulence proceeds with today with the following section in the Thorn-Last Word storyline. Another Exotic hand gun, this one called Lumina, is currently accessible in the game for Annual Pass proprietors.

The most recent Exotic mission for Destiny 2 Boosting spins around getting the Lumina hand gun. In contrast to different weapons, this weapon can really recuperate and buff partner Guardians who are shot with it. This makes it one of only a handful couple of help weapons like the Tractor Cannon. To open this firearm you'll have to finish a multi-step journey that is genuinely long, however straightforward. There is no extraordinary cell esc mission attached to this hand gun, so it shouldn't be that hard for a performance player to acquire the Lumina.

Lumina is a hand gun that, as the trailer underneath shows, the two harms adversaries and can be utilized to mend partners, which would separate it from some other weapon in the game. It's conceivable that, to get it, you'll need recently finished the Thorn questline. When you first sign in after the most recent week by week reset, you'll know you're destined for success in case you're given a message prodding that you should come back to a clifftop in connection to the man with the brilliant weapon; it's alluded to as "a similar spot as in the past."

The initial phase in this mission is simpler than past "covered up" exotic journeys, for the most part since it requests that we go some place we've just been previously. To begin things vigorously we need a letter, and that letter is found at a similar camp where we found the liquid hunk of metal for the Thorn mission. Which is really hard to discover on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea where you're going, so hold tight. The area we're going to is in The Salt Mines in the European Dead Zone, a spot that kept a story mission path down toward the start of things just as a later experience. So to begin with, land at Trostland. Go north, past the old church and into a passage with a major blue fallen flag above it. Proceed through here until you go to a major open region with a lot of foes. Murder the foes or don't, I'm not your mother.

This will take you up to the highest point of the mines, where you'll proceed with the way thumping over two or three Fallen on your way. Go past a major gleaming entryway, where the way will limit a bit. It will appear as though it will end, however on the off chance that you look into you'll see an orange-ish light. Hop up there to locate a camp with a dead Guardian in the center. In the event that you don't have the Thorn journey, make sure to filter through the slag to begin that.