An important addition to the Elder Scrolls online Newbs
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An important addition to the Elder Scrolls online Newbs

Posted By xia yumin     July 16, 2019    


One of the things I am most interested in as a refugee to World of Warcraft is that Elder Scrolls Online has additional features. Now, every experienced player will advise you that add-ons are often a necessary part of an effective game. However, in ESO, I am interested in functional add-ons that can help with large-scale deconstruction or more general tasks. With this in mind, let me share the five most important add-ons I think are the most noteworthy of Elder Scrolls Online newb.

Minion add-on
At startup, the application scans the add-on to determine if an update is needed, and can update individual buttons for Elder Scrolls Online Gold all or each button individually. Besides, users can look for additional add-ons to enable them to be backed up after reinstallation.
For those who like to install add-ons, here are some of our favorites:

Votan's Minimap or Fyrakin's Minimap
If you are a Skyrim experienced player, you only need to look at the "map" at the top of the screen. But as an old gamer of World of Warcraft, I am more accustomed to having a small map that always exists. The add-ons for Votan and Fyrakin allow a small map to constantly show the player's position and nearby things.

Map enhancements
This is a feature pack of six different add-ons, primarily for those who want to collect each Skyshard for each content. Most of them will be used to place markers for each type of item being tracked in the world map.

Aura Buff / Debuff Tracker
One of the annoyances is that ESO Gold I couldn't see what buff/debuff my character saved when I first started playing ESO, which is probably the most noteworthy.

Using Srendarr's Aura, Buff and Debuff Tracker, keeping track of your character's current active buff or what debuff to put makes the game easier. Besides, players can view the cooldown to see the group gain/debuff effect.

These are the five most notable additions I want to share with you.