NBA 2K22 Trailer, Cover Stars and Cover Athlete Leaked

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NBA 2K22 Trailer, Cover Stars and Cover Athlete Leaked

Posted By rsvsr nba2k22     July 8, 2021    


NBA 2K22 is going to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series platforms in later 2021, and there is a rumor may reveal who the cover athlete will be for at least one edition of NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Trailer

If patterns are any indication for a timeline we should not have to wait much longer to have the first glimpse of the new game.

Although there was expectation about a trailer or a peek of new gameplay during this years E3 we ended up empty-handed.

Cover stars

Besides F1 and Nascar, one of our favourite races is to figure out who will be enshrined as the cover athlete of our prefered sport, and NBA 2K it’s no stranger to that conversation.

This year we find three constant names among the candidates to appear as this years’ frontman: reigning MVP C Nikola Jokic, Wizards’ G Bradley Beal and Mavericks’ All-Star G Luka Doncic.

The as-of-yet unannounced NBA 2K22 from publisher 2K Games has garnered exciting news lately. Recent leaks concerning the NBA 2K series of professional basketball video games have revitalized the conversation around which athlete will be featured as the game's key art.

It has become a traditional signature to monument each installment's cover with an action pose of an NBA athlete. The most recent NBA 2K cover athlete to be featured was Damian Lillard in NBA 2K21, with Kobe Bryant being featured in the game's "Mamba Forever Edition." Further, NBA 2K21 also received a "Next Gen Edition" which featured Zion Williamson. Each edition offers more, compounded content and interestingly places a new athlete on its cover, meaning that many athletes may share the limelight of a single NBA 2K installment.

However, the athlete may only be gracing the cover of a single edition of NBA 2K22. While the leak may be founded as correct if and when the game's cover is announced, fans are uncertain whether Nowitzki will be NBA 2K22's only cover athlete. Because Nowitzki had retired from active play in 2019, fans suggest the athlete may only be featured on a Legend Edition if the leak is indeed true. If fans remain skeptical, there may be evidence that points toward the 2K leak being concretely valid.

Fans have gone ahead and flagged user swine_flu_greg's leak as legitimate due to a substantial comment the leak has received from reporter and author Jason Schreier. Schreier agrees with the leak's legitimacy and his reputable insight into announcements and leaks may be solid proof of the leak being truthful. Schreier's shared thoughts on the leak also appear to mention that the leaked cover athlete will not necessarily be revealed during E3, but at a later and undisclosed date.

Rather, it is important to note that Schreier's belief in the NBA 2K22 leak being true is based upon his knowledge of the other leaks being true. It remains to be seen if any of swine_flu_greg's purported leaks are legitimate since no announcements have officially been made, but insider resources may be enough evidence for fans to be justifiably excited for the next NBA 2K game in the meantime.

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